Embraer and APG are expanding the iPreFlight operations software for the iPad

Program now includes Legacy 600 and Legacy 650 executive jets .

São José dos Campos, August 2011 – Embraer and APG (Aircraft Performance Group) are expanding the iPreFlight operations software for the iPad by including a new region and new aircraft from the Embraer Executive Jets portfolio in the service. After launching iPreFlight in May for the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 jets for North American customers, the tool is now available to Brazilian customers at Apple App Stores, giving them access to valuable information, such as airport and approach charts, NOTAMs and METARs for the airports considered in the flight planning. Furthermore, it now includes the Legacy 600 and Legacy 650 for both regions. This is a result of continuously monitoring customer feedback about iPreFlight, and reflects the commitment of Embraer and APG to constantly improving the software.

“Embraer customer support is continuously committed to providing solutions that meet its customers’ needs,” says Sérgio da Cunha, Sr. Manager, Flight Operations Support – Embraer Executive Jets. “As promised, we are expanding the solution to other regions and to other jets from our portfolio, and just three months after the software was launched.”

This complete performance package runs through the iPad, using data that has been certified and approved by aviation authorities of Brazil (ANAC), the U.S. (FAA) and Europe (EASA). It is available from Apple App Stores and requires a subscription directly with APG, for which there is an initial three-month trial period, free-of-charge.

Operators can carry out crucial functions with iPreFlight, like optimizing aircraft payload for each runway utilized; calculating takeoff performance with the benefit of APG’s extensive airport database of runways and obstacles; accessing such information as NOTAMs and METARs of all airports on the route under consideration, as well as maps and charts; downloading and storing approach charts and airport diagrams; and reading updated weather information.

Embraer and APG plan to make this tool available to Lineage 1000 customers by the end of 2011, and extend it to other regions around the world.

About APG

APG is a performance engineering firm based in Denver, Colorado, in the U.S. It was established in 1999, with the primary purpose of offering takeoff and landing data services to the airline and corporate flight operations industry. APG currently maintains an extensive database of airport information and supports over 3,000 business aircraft and 50 airlines, worldwide. The company also has experience in digitizing Approved Flight Manuals (AFM) for use in its own performance programs, as well as in aircraft manufacturers’ programs.


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