Airbus remembers Nancy-Bird Walton

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14 January 2009

Airbus is saddened by the passing of Australian aviation pioneer Nancy-Bird Walton, who has died in Sydney aged 93.

Nancy-Bird Walton was the first Australian woman to fly a commercial aircraft and is recognised as one of the world’s most famous and pioneering female pilots.

Qantas named their first A380 delivered in October 2008, Nancy-Bird Walton in recognition of her contribution to aviation.

“Nancy-Bird Walton had boundless energy and enthusiasm, and it was my privilege to meet her in Sydney in 2008. Her ongoing commitment to aviation and especially the inspiration she provided to females around the world will be her remarkable and enduring legacy for generations to come. She epitomises the Australian pioneering spirit. Airbus is so proud that one of the finest aircraft the world has ever seen, will forever be associated with this great Australian aviatrix,” said Tom Enders, Airbus President and CEO

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