Airbus Cuts Production of Single-Aisles

Feb 19, 2009
Robert Wall/Paris wall@aviationweek.com

Having started off the year with cancellations and deferrals easily outpacing new orders, Airbus has decided to cut production.

Management has been closely watching the airline industry and how capacity cuts are affecting the company's backlog. And while it initially thought it could hold off on a major change in output until later in the year, Airbus today announced that single-aisle production rates will come down to 34 units a month from 36. It's the second adjustment in Airbus's single-aisle production plans; the first step was to cancel plans to ramp up production to 40 aircraft.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders warns that, "I do not exclude further production cuts."

Airbus also is slowing widebody production. After once contemplating a move to building 12 aircraft a month, it has now decided to maintain the current rate of 8.5 aircraft per month for the time being.

Airbus officials say this will not affect the 2009 delivery target. The figure is expected to be similar to the 2008 level of 483 aircraft.

Photo credit: Airbus

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