AUDIO: FAA releases Hudson A320 ATC tapes

By John Croft

The US Federal Aviation Administration has released more than 7 hours of radio air traffic control conversations that include the four-minute period between when a US Airways A320 departed New York’s LaGuardia Airport and when it ditched in the Hudson River on the afternoon of 15 January.

Most striking are conversations between the aircraft and New York air traffic control centre which captured Flight 1549's captain, Chesley Sullenberger, remaining cool and collected as he informs controllers of his predicament.

Engine performance information captured by the aircraft’s flight data recorder confirmed that both CFM56-5B powerplants experienced a loss just after Sullenberger told controllers that he had experienced multiple bird strikes. Analysis of the internal mechanisms of both engines have produced bird remains that experts are attempting to link to a particular species of bird.

All 155 passengers and crew survived the ditching which pilots made with the aircraft in partial landing configuration, an action that allowed for a slower touchdown speed.

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