Cancellations Outpace Orders For Airbus

Feb 6, 2009
Robert Wall/Paris wall@aviationweek.com

Airbus was hit by a raft of order cancellations in January, a month in which the aircraft maker managed to book only four aircraft orders. The sole customer in January was Turkish Airlines, which finalized a deal for four A321s.

However, Airbus suffered cancellations across the narrowbody group.

With the already weak A318 suffering a further three cancellations, all from US Airways, the backlog was brought down to 16 units. Airlines also cancelled two A319s, three A320s and four A321s.

The order book also shows a loss of three A330-200 and three A330-300 orders, although Airbus did not explicitly note those. The total number of orders for Airbus has dropped from 9,215 at the end of December, to 9,207 at the end of January, according to the aircraft maker.

In January, Airbus delivered 34 units, 13 less than in the prior month.

Photo credit: Airbus

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