Israel continues to search for Skyhawk jet trainer replacement

By Arie Egozi

Israel expects to use its McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk advanced jet trainers until the middle of the next decade, and could then employ some of its current combat aircraft in the role.

An Israeli air force source says the search for a Skyhawk replacement is continuing, but that "it will fly for at least another five years". If a suitable successor is not found then the air force may use its oldest Lockheed Martin F-16s as advanced trainers, the source adds.

Israel has an inventory of 22 TA-4H/J trainers, according to Flight's MiliCAS database. Its air force is poised to receive its first of 25 Beechcraft T-6A primary trainers, which will replace its CM-170 Zukit (Fouga Magister) fleet at Hazerim air base by late next year.

McDonnell Douglas A-4K Skyhawk (RNZAF)
© Boeing

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