Ryanair to eliminate airport check-in by October

By David Kaminski-Morrow

Irish budget carrier Ryanair is to swtich to wholly Internet-based check-in by 1 October, and has detailed the phased elimination of airport check-in facilities.

It will extend its Internet check-in service to non-European Union passengers, and passengers travelling with checked baggage, from 19 March.

A fee will apply to passengers travelling with checked baggage and those still wishing to use airport check-in.

From 1 May, all new Ryanair bookings will require passengers to use Internet check-in, and fees for airport check-in will double to "dissuade" passengers from opting for this service.

Ryanair will eliminate check-in desks at all its airports from 1 October. All passengers will be required to use Internet check-in and airport 'bag-drop' desks.

"We are confident that all passengers will embrace this improved service which will allow them to forever avoid check-in queues," says a Ryanair spokesman.

"At the same time it will enable Ryanair to lower its airport and handling costs and pass on these savings to all passengers."

Internet check-in services will be available for a period of 15 days to four hours before schedule departure time.

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