Airbus may give A350 work to Chinese city of Tianjin

By Leithen Francis

Airbus is looking at having some A350 manufacturing work done in Tianjin, the Chinese port city where it already has an A320-family assembly plant.

The aircraft-maker's VP of co-operation and partnership with China, Marc Bertiaux, told state-run China Daily "negotiations are underway between Airbus and relevant Chinese counterparts to locate part of the A350 work in Tianjin".

"It will involve a new segment within the aircraft manufacturing industry," he says, without elaborating.

Airbus announced in 2007 it aims to give China 5% of the A350 work.

Bertiaux also says Tianjin is in the running to be Airbus' logistics centre for China.

Airbus already imports A320 parts into Tianjin for its A320-assembly plant, Airbus Tianjin.

Airbus owns 51% of this company while the remaining 49% is held by a Chinese consortium comprising China Aviation Industry (AVIC) and the Tianjin Free Trade Zone.

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