Boeing reveals 60 aircraft deferrals from 2010 and 2011

By Stephen Trimble

Boeing today revealed that 60 aircraft deliveries in 2010 and 2011 have been deferred into the future, and at least another 60 more deferrals are in discussions with airlines.

Boeing chief executive Jim McNerney says the deferrals affect all aircraft types and are dispersed across all geographic regions.

There has not been a "meaningful" number of deferrals so far in 2009, says McNerney, although he adds there has been at least one or two.

"There's more [airlines] moving [orders] out than moving forward," McNerney says.

Boeing customers instead have cancelled orders for 32 787s so far this year, but for no other aircraft.

Boeing has offered up to $1 billion in financing to bridge a gap for airlines seeking loans from banks amidst a global credit crisis.

McNerney contrasted operating strategies between Boeing and Airbus. Airbus significantly increased production rates, while Boeing resisted pressure to raise output.

The company anticipated "someday there may be a softening," McNerney says. "We're working through the over ordered portion of the backlog. We still think we're in good shape on the production rates."

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