Dutch minister confirms agreement to sell 18 more F-16s to Chile

By Craig Hoyle

Dutch undersecretary of defence Jack de Vries has confirmed plans to sell a second batch of surplus Lockheed Martin F-16AM fighters to Chile.

An agreement has been reached to supply 18 secondhand mid-life update-standard aircraft, and a contract signature is expected soon, according to a 25 May statement issued by the Dutch defence ministry.

The Netherlands sold a first batch of 18 surplus F-16AM/BMs to Chile earlier this decade, with these now flying from Antofagasta air base.

Deliveries are planned for 2010 under the follow-on deal, with the Royal Netherlands Air Force to provide limited support and Dutch civilian contractors to train 75 Chilean technicians.

The Dutch defence ministry has not confirmed the likely value of the new sale, but this is estimated at around €100 million ($139 million).

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