Virgin Tests Engine Wash Effluent Collection

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By Lee Ann Tegtmeier

Virgin Atlantic completed the first customer trial of GE Aviation's new ClearCore engine wash effluent collection system on CF6-80C2 engines powering a Boeing 747-400.

Virgin used its own Juniper front-end engine wash system, with GE's back-end effluent collection equipment to complete the test at London Heathrow. This wash is part of an OnPoint service accord with GE.

Virgin said the collection system will give it more flexibility for when and where it can perform the washes, without hurting the environment.

Washing engines takes about 1.5 hours and can improve exhaust gas temperature margins up to 15 degrees and reduce fuel consumption.

GE's ClearCore will be available as an engine wash service provided by authorized service providers, or as two equipment-only options--the full front and back-end system or just the effluent wash collection system. "An integrated wash and collection unit provides the added advantages of a smaller equipment footprint and simplified operations...We are also offering the collection-only equipment," said a GE representative.

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