Oshkosh Gets Stratos 714 VLJ Mockup

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Frances Fiorino fiorino@aviationweek.com

Visitors to EAA AirVenture 2009 will be able to explore a full-scale cabin mockup of a new VLJ in development - the Stratos 714.

The mockup will be on display July 27-Aug. 2 at Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisc. At the show, manufacturer Stratos Aircraft hopes to gather feedback from potential customers about the very light jet to incorporate in the aircraft's final design.

The Bend-Ore.-based company, launched the Stratos 714 program in July 2008 with the goal of producing an personal jet that would fly four adults at 400 kt. a distance of 1,500 naut. mi. non-stop (with NBAA IFR reserves.) in a 4.7-ft.-wide cabin - with a price tag of under $2 million (in 2008 dollars).

The pressurized, carbon-fiber composite aircraft with laminar flow wing is to be powered by a single FADEC-controlled Williams FJ44-3AP turbofan engine generating 3,030-lb. thrust.

The Stratos 714 is to have a maximum gross weight of 41,000 ft., a 63-ktas. stall speed and 1,080-lb. payload capacity.

Stratos co-founders Carsten Sundin and entrepreneur Michael Lemaire, say the aircraft offers customers " business jet performance in a smaller aircraft." The company believes the Swift 714 would attract operators of piston aircraft wishing to upgrade to higher performance aircraft as well as operators of large turbine aircraft seeking a jet with lower operating costs.

Stratos has not yet determined the expected production start date for the Stratos 714.

Photo credit: Strato

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