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First airplane of the same model was delivered to the FAB last September

São José dos Campos, December 18, 2009 – Embraer has delivered the second EMBRAER
190 jet to the Brazilian government. Like the first of this model, which was delivered in
September of this year, the aircraft is specially configured for missions by the President of the
Republic, and it will also be operated by the Special Transport Group (Grupo de Transporte
Especial – GTE) of the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira – FAB). The contract
between Embraer and the Aeronautics Command (Comando da Aeronáutica – COMAER) for
the two jets was signed in June 2008.

“It is with a great sense of satisfaction that we deliver this second EMBRAER 190 to the
Brazilian government three months after the first delivery of an aircraft of the same model,”
said Orlando José Ferreira Neto, Embraer Executive Vice President, Defense Market. “This
is one more example of the synergy that exists between the FAB and Embraer: on the one
hand, specifications very well prepared by the FAB, and on the other, an Embraer team
making every effort to provide a modern airplane, which has the exactly the functionality,
comfort and operational level required by the government’s missions.”

The second EMBRAER 190 jet has the same features as the first, such as a special secure
communications system, seats for 54 people, including passengers and crew, and a range that
reaches anywhere in South America, nonstop from Brasilia.

In order to ensure the support and appropriate availability of the two EMBRAER 190 jets, the
FAB signed a five-year contract with Embraer for Embraer Support Solutions for
Governments (Embraer Soluções de Suporte para Governos – ESSG). This is a logistical
support package covering maintenance, materials, specialized engineering labor in the field,
and administration of repairs and warranties.

About Embraer Support Solutions for Governments (ESSG)

Embraer’s Support Solutions fir Governments (ESSG) program was created to meet the
logistical needs of customers, making it possible for them to dedicate themselves to managing
their core activity, that is, the transportation of public officials. By maintaining local inventories
for exchanging parts, Embraer keeps a varied of high-demand parts on hand, thus ensuring that
they are always available for replacements and minimizing concerns regarding the turn-aroundtime of the requests. The program also offers to provide operators with heavy inspections, technical assistance, repair management, warranty coverage, and significant cost reductions for inventories, including replacement parts, excess materials, insurance, and others.


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