Embraer Phenom 300 Jet achieves certification by Brazil’s ANAC

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U.S. certification expected shortly, followed by first deliveries

São José dos Campos, December 3, 2009 – Embraer
received the type and production certificates, today, for
its Phenom 300 executive jet from Brazil’s National Civil
Aviation Authority (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil –
ANAC) in a ceremony held at Company headquarters, in
São José dos Campos, Brazil. The U.S. Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) type certificate is expected to be
issued in the coming weeks.

“When we launched the Phenom 300
program, we wanted to bring an
unparalleled product into the light jet
category,” said Luís Carlos Affonso,
Embraer Executive Vice President,
Executive Jets. “Besides delivering a
product with unique and innovative
features for this class, we are very
happy to announce that the Phenom 300
has not only met all original
specification targets, but has also
surpassed many performance goals.”

The Phenom 300’s maximum range, originally designed to be 1,800 nautical miles
(3,334 kilometers), has been extended to 1,971 nautical miles (3,650 kilometers) with
six occupants and NBAA IFR reserves. Runway performance also significantly
improved over the initial targets. Takeoff field length, at maximum takeoff weight
(MTOW), is now 3,138 feet, considerably better than the original 3,700 feet, while
landing distance at maximum landing weight (MLW) improved to 2,621 feet, or 329 feet
shorter than the targeted 2,950 feet.

For flights into and out of airports with restrictions due to high temperatures or high
elevations, the Phenom 300 exceeded the range targets, resulting, for example, on a
range of more than 2000 nm from Aspen, Colorado, U.S. Climb performance also
surpassed expectations, allowing the aircraft to depart from sea level at MTOW and
reach its operational ceiling of 45,000 feet in only 26 minutes. Powered by two fuelefficient
Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535-E engines, the Phenom 300’s fuel
consumption is as much as 6% better than originally estimated.

The jet’s top speed of 453 knots (True Air
Speed – TAS) was validated during the flight
test campaign. Certified without restrictions,
the Phenom 300 is able to fly according to
Visual and Instrument Flight Rules, day or
night, and into known or forecasted icing
conditions. The aircraft also operates well
within Stage IV external noise requirements,
having been certified with a cumulative margin
of 24 EPNdB.

“After working hard to meet design criteria and certification requirements, we are
finally approaching the first Phenom 300 delivery. The aircraft’s performance
demonstrates the top quality of our engineering,” said Humberto Pereira, Embraer Vice
President, Engineering, Executive Jets. “I would also like to congratulate ANAC for
their professionalism and competence demonstrated during the Phenom 300
certification campaign.”

The highly intuitive Prodigy® flight deck, based on the acclaimed Garmin G1000
avionics suite, was developed from Embraer’s accumulated experience in human factors
design. Its quiet and dark cockpit philosophy, combined with outstanding ergonomic
features, offers full situational awareness and automation for a low workload, enabling
single-pilot operation.

The interior of the Phenom 300 was certified to offer
unprecedented space and comfort in the light jet
category. Its windows, cabin volume, and baggage
compartment are the largest among light jets. The
airplane’s Oval Lite cross-section benefits passengers
with greater leg and headroom, and the fully
reclinable seats that can move laterally and swivel up
to 180° to provide passengers with greater flexibility in
the cabin. Its rear lavatory has a rigid door and is the
only one in the segment that can be serviced externally.

The in-flight entertainment system offers optional individual monitors and a 10.4-inch
ceiling monitor. The generous galley and wardrobe storage space add convenience for a
premium travel experience.

“I want to congratulate Embraer's teams and our partners for their creativity, competence and
dedication to produce this best-in-class jet,” said Affonso. “I am very glad that we succeeded
in certifying the Phenom 300 less than one year after certifying the Phenom 100, and with
excellent results.”

Besides its amazing comfort and performance, the Phenom 300 also raises the bar, in
terms of robustness, ease of maintenance, and dispatch reliability With a design life of
35,000 flight hours, the airplane also offers other unique characteristics that rank the
Phenom 300 at the top of light jet standards: SmartprobesTM, which increase reliability
and reduce maintenance tasks; carbon brakes, which allow 60% less replacements;
brake-by-wire system; hot bleed anti-ice on the horizontal stabilizers; and single-point
refueling capability.

At the same time that Embraer received the type certificate for the Phenom 300, ANAC
also issued the production certificate, which is an approval to manufacture the jet in
series. The process began in June 2007, and Embraer had to demonstrate that the Phenom
300 Organization Production System (Sistema de Organização da Produção – SOP)
complies with the Brazilian aeronautical rules. The main characteristics analyzed by
ANAC were project and material controls, manufacturing process, final dispatch and
continuous airworthiness, which are part of the Production Organization Manual (Manual
de Organização da Produção – MOP).

Embraer’s Executive Jets Customer Support and Services structure is ready for the Phenom
300 to enter service. The Embraer Executive Jets service centers network currently consists
of six factory-owned and more than 30 authorized service centers, worldwide.

The Company also has partnerships with renowned companies in the areas of logistics, pilot
and training. The Company’s product support structure covers flight operations and
technical and maintenance assistance, material support, as well as the new customer Contact
Center, that minimizes down time by quickly and efficiently applying the appropriate
resources to critical situations.

Effective February 1, 2010, the list price of the Phenom 300 will be US$ 8.14 million, under
2010 economic conditions, for FAA certified aircraft.

About the Phenom 300 jet

The Phenom 300 light jet accommodates up to ten occupants in a spacious and pleasant
interior, designed in partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Swept wings, with
winglets, and modern onboard systems were developed with outstanding flight performance
in mind. A single refueling port, an externally serviced lavatory, and excellent cabin
pressurization are some of the jet’s distinctive features.

The Phenom 300 is one of the fastest aircraft in the light jet category, reaching 521 mph (839
km/h, or 453 knots – KTAS), and it can fly at an altitude of up to 45,000 feet (13,716 meters).

Its range of 1,971 nautical miles (3,650 km), including NBAA IFR fuel reserves, means the
aircraft is capable of flying nonstop from New York to Dallas, in the U.S.; from London
(U.K.) to Athens (Greece), in Europe; or from Delhi (India) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

For more information on Embraer Executive Jets, visit www.EmbraerExecutiveJets.com.


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