Sichuan Airlines signs first Airbus Flight Hour Services in China

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Airbus to provide extended services to airlines in China

Sichuan Airlines, the first Chinese operator to fly Airbus A320 Family aircraft, has signed a contract with Airbus for customized Flight Hour Services (FHS) for its future fleet of three brand new leased A330s, which are scheduled to be in service from early next year.

In order to operate the newly built A330 fleet in a more efficient and cost-effective way, Sichuan Airlines has decided to use the Airbus FHS and will become the first customer for Airbus FHS in China.

The FHS is part of Airbus' comprehensive portfolio of support, services and solutions that help Airbus customers meet and exceed their business objectives. Airbus will deliver to Sichuan Airlines a tailor-made solution with strong support from Airbus worldwide customer services system. Under the agreement, Airbus guarantees availability of key Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) as well as related logistics and maintenance services for Sichuan Airlines for an initial 13.5-year period.

Airbus FHS helps minimize aircraft on-the-ground time by providing airlines with even faster and simpler access to spare parts and services at predictable rates, based on stock and flight hour parameters. Airbus already has FHS services in operation with other customers in the Asian region.

"The introduction of Airbus A330s and the Airbus FHS for the new A330 fleet is a natural choice for Sichuan Airlines as we have been in successful partnership with Airbus for 14 years. Thanks to the tailor-made Airbus Flight Hour Services, we will optimise our investment and deliver better services to our customers," said Mr. Lan Xinguo, Chairman of Sichuan Airlines.

"Facing evolving market and customer requirements, Airbus continues to develop innovative and customized services, enabling Airbus customers such as our long lasting customer Sichuan Airlines to focus on their core business," said Laurence Barron, President of Airbus China.

"There are now more than 530 Airbus aircraft in operation with Chinese airlines and the Airbus fleet in China are expanding fast. More than ever, our Chinese customers are expecting from us innovative and flexible solutions to enable safe, efficient and profitable operations and this agreement strengthens further our partnership with our long time customer Sichuan Airlines," said Charles Champion, Executive Vice President Customer Services of Airbus.

Sichuan Airlines was also the operator of the very first Airbus A320 assembled by Family Final Assembly Line China (FALC) in Tianjin.

Source: AIRBUS

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