Light jet will be exhibited at Aero Friedrichshafen, together with the Phenom 100

São José dos Campos, April 6, 2010 – The
fifth edition of the Aero Friedrichshafen
Trade Exhibition for General Aviation
(www.aero-friedrichshafen.de) will take place
in Germany, April 8-11. This year, Embraer
takes the Phenom 300 light jet for to the event
for the first time. The aircraft was certified in
Brazil by ANAC and in the U.S. by the FAA,
in December 2009, and the European
approval, issued by EASA, is expected during
the current quarter.

The Phenom jets were launched in 2005, establishing new standards in their respective
categories. The roomy and pleasant interior was designed in partnership with BMW Group
DesignworksUSA. The entry level Phenom 100 accommodates up to eight occupants, while
the Phenom 300 serves up to ten people, including pilots.

With a range of 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 km), including NBAA IFR fuel reserves, the
Phenom 100 can fly nonstop from New York to Miami, in the U.S.; from London to Rome,
in Europe; or from Brisbane to Melbourne, in Australia. The jet was certified in December
2008, and has proved to be the fastest and to have the largest baggage capacity in its
category. There are currently more than 110 in operation around the globe.

The Phenom 300 has swept wings, with winglets, single refueling port, and an externally
serviced lavatory. It reaches a speed of 521 mph (839 km/h, or 453 knots – KTAS), and flies up
to an altitude of 45,000 feet (13,716 meters). The 1,971-nautical-mile (3,650-km) range,
including NBAA IFR fuel reserves, allows nonstop flights from New York to Dallas, in the U.S.;
from London to Athens, in Europe; or from Delhi (India) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Embraer’s Executive Jets portfolio also includes the super midsize Legacy 600, in operation
since 2002; and the ultra-large Lineage 1000 that entered operation in 2009. Newcomers
include the midlight Legacy 450 and midsize Legacy 500, now under development; and the
large Legacy 650, expected to be certified this year.


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