Embraer delivers the commemorative aircraft to Foliar, from the State of Tocantins, Brazil

São José dos Campos, April 7, 2010 – Embraer delivered the 1,100th Ipanema
agricultural aircraft, today, in a ceremony held at its Botucatu plant, located 230 km from
the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The airplane, tail number PT-UYB, was received by Foliar
Aviação Agrícola Ltda., which is headquartered in the State of Tocantins and already
operates four Ipanemas.

“The delivery of the 1,100th aircraft is a great milestone for us, because it shows the
reliability, solidity and tradition of the Ipanema in the domestic market,” said Almir
Miguel Borges, Embraer Vice President – Botucatu Plant. “There have been nearly 40
years of uninterrupted production, guided by continuous research to improve the aircraft
and always focused on the needs of our customers and of the Brazilian agricultural
aviation market.”

According to the owner of Foliar Aviação Agrícola, Eduardo Juliani, the evolution of the
Ipanema throughout the years has been an essential factor for the success of this model.
“Today, the aircraft has a more comfortable cockpit and is fueled by economic and
ecologically-approved ethanol, which also increases its potential for increasing income.”

The Ipanema is the world’s first assembly-line
aircraft to leave the factory already certified to
fly with hydrated ethanol, which is the same
fuel used in automobiles. This is an option for
the nation’s agricultural aviation market,
because it reduces environmental impact,
operating and maintenance costs, and improves
overall performance, which makes the product
even more attractive to the market.

With a leading 75% share of Brazil’s agricultural aviation market, the Ipanema is used mainly
for crop dusting, but it can also be used to fight fires, stock rivers and lakes with fish, and
combat hosts and larvae.


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