NASA and Chrysler Establish Partnership to Explore Advanced Technologies

WASHINGTON -- A new agreement between NASA and Chrysler may put rocket science on the road and automotive technologies in space. The
collaboration seeks to use technologies originally developed for
human spaceflight to enhance future vehicles and adapt advanced
automotive technology for use in space.

Through its Innovative Partnerships Program, NASA has entered into a
non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement with Chrysler Group LLC to
coordinate technology development and pursue partnership
opportunities in areas such as mobility systems, advanced materials
and wireless technologies. The goal of the agreement is to advance
technologies in areas of common technical interest by leveraging each
organization's skills and expertise. Some of the areas to be reviewed
include materials engineering, robotics, radar and battery systems.

"The investment in NASA technologies has led to hundreds of
applications here on Earth for several decades now, and this
collaboration with Chrysler promises to continue that tradition,"
said Mike Coats, director of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

NASA has worked with the Chrysler Group on previous space ventures. In
1961, Chrysler built Redstone rockets for the Mercury Project that
put the first American in space. Also, Chrysler built boosters to
power the first two Apollo spacecraft, launching Apollo 7 into Earth
orbit and Apollo 8 on its way to the moon.

For more information about NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program,


Source: NASA

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