Event will take place at Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo, May 29 and 30

São José dos Campos, May 24, 2010 – Embraer participates in the 3rd Brazilian Civil Aviation Fair (www.FeiradeAviacaoCivil.com.br), May 29 and 30, at Congonhas Airport (CGH), in São Paulo. The event was created in 2008 for the purpose of bringing information on the aviation world to the general public. The first edition was held in Brasília, and the second in Rio de Janeiro, in 2009. This year, Embraer will display the well-received EMBRAER 190
commercial jet, which is a member of the E-Jets family that operates in Brazil in the livery of
Azul and TRIP airlines.

“As in the previous editions, Embraer could not miss supporting this event that has been
growing in importance, both for the aviation market and the public, in general, who are
interested in aviation,” said Emilio Matsuo, Embraer Executive Vice President, Technology.

“For Embraer, this is another excellent opportunity to showcase the EMBRAER 190 jet and the
E-Jets family, which are aircraft that now fly in the livery of some of the world’s main airlines.”

The E-Jets family consists of four airplanes with capacities for 70 to 122 passengers. Their
modern design, with two seats on each side of the corridor, eliminates the undesirable middle
seat. The absence of supports under the seats and the existence of ample overhead bins offer
passengers more space and comfort. The airplane also has an entertainment system with
individual monitors, and has the most advanced technology, in terms of onboard avionics,
with an electronic fly-by-wire control system.

Every year, the Brazilian Civil Aviation Fair attracts more and more people. There were over
20,000 visitors at the first edition, and 50,000 last year. At this edition, Embraer will also
present a traveling display that summarizes the history of the Company that was founded in
1969. The fair is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and there is no entrance fee. People can
collaborate with the organizers by donating one kilogram of non-perishable food.


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