Bombardier Receives CofA for First Global 5000 Jet to be Operated by the German Federal Ministry of Defense

Today, Bombardier Aerospace announced that Transport Canada has issued the Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) for the first Global 5000 jet to be operated by the German Federal Ministry of Defense (FMOD).

In December 2007, the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB) selected the Global 5000 jet as a key component of their plan for the modernization of the FMOD’s Special Mission Wing. Four Global 5000 jets, to be completed at Bombardier’s Global Completion Centre in Montréal, will be operated by the German FMOD’s Special Mission Wing for VIP transport and Medical Evacuation (MedEvac) flights.

“This is a significant step toward the completion of this fleet modernization program,” said Derek Gilmour, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Administration, Bombardier Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft. “The Global 5000 jet is the aircraft best suited to meet the BWB tender 12-seat jet requirement, which includes intercontinental range and the ability to reconfigure the interior for MedEvac capabilities, with an option to carry an intensive care patient transport unit when required.”

“This Certificate of Airworthiness marks an important milestone for the German Federal Ministry of Defense,” said Stefan Rauscher, Project Manager, BWB. “The speed, comfort, and versatility of the Global 5000 aircraft are a perfect fit with our needs, and we are looking forward to beginning operations with our new jets.”

Lufthansa Technik AG of Hamburg, Germany, was selected as the prime contractor for the overall agreement, which also included the purchase of two Airbus A319* corporate jetliners. The six new aircraft will replace the FMOD’s existing fleet of Challenger 601 aircraft. German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG (GOAL), a joint venture of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and KGAL GmbH & Co. KG, is acting as a subcontractor for Lufthansa Technik AG with respect to the acquisition of the four Global 5000 aircraft. GOAL is Germany’s largest operating lessor, and its current portfolio consists of 56 owned and managed aircraft.

Fastest time ever recorded for a civil flight between Berlin and Washington, DC
A Global 5000 jet set a new speed record on October 21, 2007, flying 3,652 nautical miles (6,765 km) non-stop from Berlin to Washington, DC, in just eight hours, 17 minutes. This fourth National Aeronautic Association-sanctioned world record performance for the Global 5000 jet represents the fastest time ever recorded for a civil flight between Berlin and Washington, DC.

The benefit of the aircraft's category-leading speed is most evident on non-stop intercontinental flights. Compared to other jets in its class, the Global 5000 jet trims up to a full hour from long distance routes, such as Moscow-New York in nine hours, 29 minutes, Johannesburg-Geneva in 10 hours, Jeddah-Jakarta in nine hours, 53 minutes and Sao Paulo-Madrid in nine hours, 20 minutes**.

With a best-in-class balanced field length at takeoff of 5,000 feet (1,524 m) (Sea Level, MTOW, ISA), and a landing distance (MLW, ISA, SL) of 2,670 feet (814 m), Global 5000 aircraft operators are able to fly in and out of challenging airfields that are closer to their areas of business.


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