NASA Seeks Undergrads to Defy Gravity for Science and Engineering

HOUSTON -- NASA is offering undergraduate students an opportunity to
test an experiment in weightless science as part of the agency's
Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. Proposals are due by Oct. 27.

The program, managed by the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston,
provides aspiring explorers a chance to propose, design and fabricate
a reduced gravity experiment. Selected teams will get to test and
evaluate their experiment aboard a microgravity aircraft. The
specially modified jet aircraft flies approximately 30 roller-coaster-like climbs and dips to produce periods of micro and hyper-gravity, ranging from weightlessness to three times the force of Earth's gravity.

"This project gives students a head start in preparing for future
ventures by allowing them to do hands-on research and engineering in
a truly reduced gravity laboratory," Program Manager Douglas Goforth said.

Interested teams also should submit a letter of intent by Sept. 22.
This step is optional, but serves as an introductory notice that a
team plans to submit a proposal for the competition. All applicants
must be U.S. citizens. Full-time students must be at least 18 years old.

NASA will announce the selected participants on Dec. 8. The actual
flights will take place in summer 2011. Selected teams may invite a
full-time, accredited journalist to fly with them and document the
experiment and gravity-defying experience.

With this program, NASA continues its tradition of investing in the
nation's education programs with the goal of strengthening the future workforce.

To learn more about NASA's education programs, visit:


For more information about the Reduced Gravity Education Flight
Program or to submit a proposal, contact jsc-reducedgravity@nasa.gov or visit:


Source: NASA

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