SGS UK Limited recommended for EU ETS Aviation Accreditation

The UKAS recommendation for accreditation for EU ETS Aviation to SGS UK Limited comes as the airlines gear up to be verified under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) for the first time. Furthermore this augments the pool of accredited verification bodies that the airlines can now select from. The inclusion of the aviation sector into the EU ETS scheme commenced from 2010 and will require independent verification from accredited verification bodies.

Having provided GHG Emissions Verification, including airlines emissions and EU ETS Verification, for over 10 years, SGS are in a strong position to extend this service to the aviation sector providing operators with greater assurance that their selected verifier brings with them extensive experience with the scheme, its local implementation and verification of GHG emissions.

SGS initiated the verification process for a number of operators including British Airways and City Flyer earlier in the year enabling timely identification of non-conformity and non-compliances with their systems and data. Airlines are urged to engage accredited verifiers to secure verifier availability and avoid capacity issues in the period from January to March.

Source: SGS

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