Embraer's Legacy 650 executive jet is certified

The Brazilian and European civil aviation authorities give the green light for first deliveries

São José dos Campos, October 20, 2010 – The Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil – ANAC) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have granted certification for the Legacy 650 executive jet. This large extended-range aircraft is a derivative of the successful Legacy 600 super midsize, which has nearly 200 units delivered to customers, worldwide.

The Legacy 650 is Embraer’s offering in the large jet category. The aircraft associates a stylish and spacious cabin with the range to carry out transatlantic missions: maximum range of 3,900 nautical miles (7,223 kilometers) with four passengers, and 3,840 nautical miles (7,112 kilometers) with eight passengers – NBAA IFR reserves included. This significant range increase was made possible through extensive modifications, such as reinforced wings and landing gear, a redesigned fully-automated fuel system with larger tank capacity, and new highly efficient, more powerful Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2 engines. Important nonstop city pairings include London (UK) to New York (US); Dubai (United Arab Emirates – UAE) to London or Singapore; São Paulo (Brazil) to Miami (US); and Singapore to Sydney (Australia).


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