6 reasons why pilots fail ICAO English... ...and how to avoid them

As the deadline for the ICAO English exam draws near, Aviation English Examiners report that these are the main reasons pilots are failing their official ICAO English test.

  • practicing the wrong material,
  • being confused by the UNEXPECTED FORMAT of the exam questions,
  • not preparing at all,
  • thinking they were a higher level than their examiner did,
  • having low confidence,
  • thinking the test would be easy…

Experts say these few problems happen over and over again because pilots do not have the correct study material available to prepare them for the structure of the ICAO English test or its content.

To prevent pilots from making all these common mistakes a NEW online course is about to be launched.

PracticeICAOenglish.com has been created by Aviation English Specialists and subject matter experts who understand exactly what pilots need to know, in order to pass their test first time.

To be notified of the launch date you can visit practiceICAOenglish.com and subscribe to their email list.

When you visit the site you can even download a free lesson on Aviation English in brand new interactive-PDF format, and begin building your confidence immediately.

Developed by experts.

The material in the course (PIE) is prepared by certified ICAO English examiners who have developed approved ICAO tests and have years of experience in teaching and testing pilots. That is what sets the PIE course apart from other English courses on line.

“The course is available for you right here on the web, whenever you need it”, said a spokesperson from PracticeICAOenglish.com, “We wanted to give frustrated pilots a place to practice EXACTLY the right material, any time it’s convenient for them, from any internet connection, at a very reasonable price”.

In order to offer a wider range of services, PracticeICAOenglish.com is also collaborating with companies such as www.ATCreadback.com, which provides Aviation English online by air traffic controllers.

The main benefit to be gained from the PIE test preparation course is increased confidence that you are as PREPARED as possible, because the course gives you the RIGHT material to practice, and removes the surprise element from the structure of the ICAO English test.

Sign up now at PracticeICAOenglish.com to make sure you don’t miss the launch date.

Source: PracticeICAOenglish.com

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