NASA Announces Winners Of 2010 George M. Low Award For Quality

WASHINGTON -- NASA presented its premier honor for quality and performance, the George M. Low Award, to four companies that share a commitment to teamwork, technical and managerial excellence, safety and customer service.

The Low award demonstrates the agency's commitment to promote excellence and continual improvement by challenging NASA's contractor community to be a global benchmark of quality management practices.

The 2010 awards were presented Thursday at NASA's eighth annual
Project Management Challenge in Long Beach, Calif. to:

-- Jacobs Technology Inc. of Houston. Jacobs provides space systems
engineering; science, operations and maintenance; and manufacturing
services to NASA's Johnson Space Center's Engineering and
Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science directorates in
Houston. Jacobs received the award in the large business service category.

-- ATK Aerospace Systems Group, of Salt Lake City. ATK produces solid
rocket propulsion systems and supports human and space payload
missions at Johnson; the agency's Marshall Space Flight Center in
Huntsville, Ala.; Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.; Ames
Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif.; and Langley Research Center
in Hampton, Va. ATK received the award in the large business product category.

-- Analytical Mechanics Associates, or AMA Inc. of Hampton, Va. AMA
provides aerospace engineering services in multiple disciplines at
Langley and the NASA Engineering and Safety Center in Hampton, Va.,
and NASA's Dryden Flight Research in Edwards, Calif. AMA received the
award in the small business service category.

-- Neptec Design Group Ltd. of Ottawa. Neptec develops machine vision
products that operate in hostile space environments in support of the
Space Shuttle Program at Johnson. Neptec received the award in the
small business product category.

The award was established in 1985 as NASA's Excellence Award for
Quality and Productivity. It was renamed in 1990 in memory of George
M. Low, an outstanding leader with a strong commitment to quality
products and workforce during his 27-year tenure at the agency. Low
was NASA's deputy administrator from 1969 to1976 and a leader in the
early development of space programs.

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Source: NASA

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