NASA Releases Status On Open Government Initiatives

WASHINGTON -- On the one year anniversary of NASA's Open Government
Initiative, the agency is releasing a detailed assessment on the
status of its projects to increase transparency and accountability to
the American public.

The assessment marks the agency's progress toward more than 150
milestones on 19 open government projects and three flagship
initiatives and is available at:


"We are creating new ways to engage the public in solutions to
problems of interest to NASA and the nation and striving to
incorporate open government into every facet of our mission," said
Beth Robinson, NASA's chief financial officer and senior accountable
official for Open Government.

The report also includes new information about NASA's Freedom of
Information Act process, released data sets, and social media use.

"NASA continues to innovate on its approach to open government," said
Nick Skytland of NASA's Open Government Initiative. "Our commitment
to experimenting with and embracing new participatory ways of
collaboration begins with our efforts to infuse open government into
the U.S. space program."

NASA's Open Government Plan has been recognized as one of the best in
federal government. NASA was among a few agencies recognized with two
Leading Practices Awards from the White House for achievement above
and beyond the requirements of the Open Government Directive in the
categories of "Participation and Collaboration" and "Flagship
Initiatives." The White House issued the Open Government Directive
calling on executive branch agencies to become more open and
countable in December 2009. To learn more, visit:


Source: NASA

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