GlobalAir.com Introduces New FBO Fuel Price iPhone App

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Globalair.com, the world’s largest Internet aviation information network, has announced the release of FBO Fuel Prices, its first iPhone application designed specifically for locating Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) with the most competitive fuel prices.

Developed for both iPhone and iPad “This application is appropriately named because it puts pertinent FBO location and fuel pricing information at pilots’ fingertips and provides easy access to real-time information. Even the most technologically challenged pilot can literally make routing decisions ‘on the fly’ and generate significant fuel cost savings on a trip to trip basis,” said Globalair.com’s President and CEO Jeff Carrithers. “When it comes to using phone apps and flying, simple isn’t just better—it’s imperative!”

FBO Fuel Prices is launched by filling in either an airport identifier or the name of a city and state in the browser. The application will then ask for specific items from drop down lists, including criteria such as a nautical mile search radius, type of fuel sought (Jet A or 100LL), and how the information is to be sorted. Once these queries are satisfied, the system generates a Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image. map and a list of the area airports reporting fuel. Clicking on an airport icon will either display a link to the airport or telephone and/or e-mail contact information for an appropriate FBO where real-time fuel availability and cost information can be obtained. Globalair.com has also added links to the specified airports in its Airport Resource Center which run through a web browser to allow pilots to access any additional airport information they might require.

“We have seen a couple of other apps that offer similar capabilities, but they are only available by subscription and their fuel prices are not as accurate as ours,” Carrithers noted. “Currently we have over 2100 FBOs updating their fuel prices on an extremely frequent basis. That’s part of what makes Globalair.com so unique-- our relationship with the FBOs. They are required to update their fuel pricing information with us at least once a month, and, in most cases, they update once a week.

“None of the other apps are using a mapping feature like ours, either,” Carrithers continued. “We believe that we could charge considerably more for FBO Fuel Pricesand that it will pay for itself very quickly in fuel savings in any case, but we’re offering for a one-time fee of $3.99, considerably lower than other, less sophisticated applications.”

Globalair.com will be demonstrating the new FBO Fuel Prices app at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI at its booth, # 4028 in Hangar “D”. Interested parties may also register at the exhibit for a $199 Apple iPhone gift certificate that will be given away at the show. For more information, visit www.fbofuelprices.com.

About GlobalAir.com

Launched in 1995, http://www.globalair.com is one of the largest aviation Web sites on the Internet. It provides aircraft-for-sale listings, FBO fuel prices and flight data for regional airlines, business jets and general aviation operators. It keeps the aircraft community connected.

Based in Louisville, Ky., the site averages more than 2.3 million page views each month. Services include its Airport Resource Center, at globalair.com/airport, aircraft fuel-route mapping through its Max-Trax system, atairportfuelprices.com, and aircraft leasing and sales through its Aircraft Exchange, at globalair.com/aircraft_for_sale.

Source: GlobalAir.com

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