Oil Chiller™ Filter Heat Sink Lowers Engine Temps Up to 30ºF

Airwolf's simple to install unit requires no STC; passive design works on all aviation oil filters .

Middlefield, Ohio and Oshkosh, Wisconsin – July 2011. Airwolf Filter Corp. has recently developed an oil filter heat sink as a solution to engine oil overheating. The simple design fits on all aviation filters and requires no STC. It comprises a fan-array of anodized aluminium fins surrounding the filter canister, and is held in place by expandable hose clamps.

Oil Chiller was designed as an inexpensive yet effective method of reducing engine oil temperatures,” said Airwolf’s Jonny Quest. “It meets that promise.”

The Oil Chiller is modelled after multi-finned heat sinks found in computer central processing units; it was designed to increase significantly the effective surface area of the oil filter to increase heat dissipation from the canister.

Airwolf’s new oil cooler was tested in a Bellanca Scout glider-tow aircraft, whose engine operating temperatures were commonly recorded as high as 250 F, enough to ‘cook’ the hard-working engine. The installed combination of the Oil Chiller, and Airwolf’s firewall-mounted oil filter system, resulted in an improved and optimal oil temperature of 185˚ F. The product developer had only expected a drop of 20˚ F attributed to the use of the remote filter kit and a further drop of 10˚ F with the use of the Oil Chiller, yet the aircraft operators consistently observe a decrease of 60˚ F.

“We’re more than pleased with our results,” Quest added.

The price for the Oil Chiller heat sink is $100, available direct from Airwolf, (tel: 800-326-1534 ) with official launch at EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, outdoor exhibit # 287, from July 25-31.

“There is a definite demand for positive innovations to reduce oil temperatures,” added Quest “Our Oil Chiller is an economic, simple way to accomplish this.”

Airwolf Filter Corp. is the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-mounted oil filters for horizontally-opposed and radial piston engines on general aviation aircraft. It also manufactures FAA-certified wet vacuum pumps, air oil separators, oil filter cutters and Robinson helicopter rotor blade tape, and TT Straps for Bell 206 machines.

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