August 2011 Reporting Points from the Salina Airport Authority

SLN Airport Reporting Points
August 2011
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<< Ready to take off: K-State UAS Program gets FAA airspace authorization
>> K-State Salina lands highest level of accreditation
<< KNG 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation deploys
>> K-State Aviation professor earns MCFI accrediation sixth time
<< KSU Salina CEO to retire June 2012
>> SeaPort rewards guests with double points
<< Salina MAC is 'Joining Forces'
>> Lift

In the Spotlight

August 26, 2011- Former Marines Sen. Pat Roberts, Melissa McCoy and David "Gunner" Wiles met while the Kansas senator toured the Great Plains building in Salina, Kan. McCoy is the manager of public affairs and communications and Wiles is the manager of operations and security at the Salina Airport Authority.

Tower UpdatesControl Tower

  • We enjoyed watching the P-51 Mustang and a Navy Bearcat at the airport in August.

  • John Calvin, controller from Johnson County Executive Tower (OJC), has helped us out for 3 weeks this month. He is a former controller at SLN and knows the airport and local area. He tells us he enjoys working at a "real nice, large airport" like SLN.

  • Congratulations to the KSU flight team for their showing at the National SAFECON in Ohio.

  • I enjoyed meeting with the KSU instructor pilots this month. We are looking forward to beginning the new semester in September and working with all the new students and instructors.

Thank You,

Bruce M. Boyle

Manager, KSLN FCT

On the Flightline

Aug 17, 2011 - CH-47s stop at America Jet for fuel. As America's Fuel Stop, the Salina Airport Authority is proud to support the fighting men and women of the U.S. and Allied Forces.

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SeaPort AirlinesControl Tower

PC-12 interior.

At comparable prices, if you could cut your travel time in half, and not have the general hassles of the full airport experience, wouldn't you do it? Hassle free, convenient, affordable, and most importantly-FAST. This is a new option in business and leisure travel.

SeaPort offers daily scheduled flights in the Northwest and Mid-South like the old airlines, but with a notable absence of what makes flying today slow and miserable. How?

  • No TSA hassles at any of our locations.
  • Affordable fares.
  • Our own private terminals.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your flight, even with check-in bags.
  • Free airport parking. (Mandatory Valet in Portland)
  • Complimentary shuttle service to and from the main terminal in Portland, Memphis & Kansas City.

Commercial air travel in today's climate is difficult at best. The airports are becoming more crowded, have longer lines and with the tighter budgets, speed and convenience seem like a thing of the past. Until now.

The way travel was meant to be, with all the conveniences of private air travel, but without the big price tag. Isn't it about time?


Wings Over Salina

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Salina Airport Authority
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From the XD's desk:

Construction Projects at the Salina Airport and Airport Industrial Center

As we near the end of 2011, construction work at the Airport and Airport Industrial Center has hit full stride with seven projects valued at more than $8.8 million underway or getting started. The scope of work ranges from airfield improvements that will offer immediate benefits to utility line work that will support job growth for decades to come.

KSLN pilots will benefit from a new PAPI being installed at the approach end of runway 35. The new approach aid will be commissioned for use in October 2011.

Hangar 606 renovations have started and will continue through the early part of 2012. This $2.5 million dollar project will enable the Airport Authority to offer an update to date 50,000-square-foot hangar to interested MRO companies.

The City of Salina is well underway with the installation of new water mains, sewer lines and fire protection water lines. This $3.8 million project supports current Airport and Airport Industrial Center businesses and our future growth. The utility line improvements will support the future construction of more than 500,000 square feet of new hangar space at the SLN Aviation Service Center.

Key to the safety of all airport users is the construction of a new airport fire station. The $2.5 million project is funded, in part, by a Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program grant. Construction starts this September and will be completed by June 2012. The new fire station will enable Airport Authority and City of Salina firefighters to provide second to none service to pilots and the public at the Salina Airport.

Without key partners these projects would not be possible. The City of Salina, the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration have all participated in the steps of planning, designing and funding vital growth projects at the Salina Airport. Their support and assistance makes the Salina Airport and Airport Industrial Center a focal point of economic growth for our community, state and nation.

Tim Rogers, A.A.E.

Executive Director

Ready to take off: K-State UAS Program gets FAA airspace authorization

Kansas State University's newest certificate of authorization will allow students in the unmanned aircraft systems program to gain experience flying an Aerosonde Mk 4.7 in Class D airspace.

Kansas State University Salina's unmanned aircraft systems program office has landed key authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration that will benefit program offerings and students.

The office recently became one of only a few civil entities granted a certificate of authorization within Class D airspace from the Federal Aviation Administration. The authorization allows the program, based at the Salina Municipal Airport, to operate its unmanned aircraft, an Aerosonde Mk 4.7, in the national airspace system.

"K-State's certificate of authorization allows our students to practice handing control over to the next ground station, practice simulated lost-link procedures, and experience scenario-based mission deployments, all of which will prepare them for possible search-and-rescue mission deployments in the future," said Josh Brungardt, director of the unmanned aircraft systems office. "This certification of authorization enhances the unmanned aircraft training capabilities already available at K-State Salina."

Brungardt estimates a minimum of 10 students will assist with each practice mission.

"Our unmanned aircraft systems classes are filled to capacity this semester," said Kurt Barnhart, aviation department head. "Students recognize that we provide a unique training program and they are excited for the hands-on experience."

Even though unmanned test flights are new for the Salina runway, the airport does not foresee any complications.

"The Salina airport hosts a variety of manned aircraft, and unmanned procedures are no different," said Tim Rogers, A.A.E., executive director of the Salina Airport Authority. "Runway 18-36 is ideally suited for K-State unmanned aircraft systems operations and training missions."

The training flights will not close any runways and a notice to airmen will be filed at least 48 hours in advance of each flight.

"K-State is advancing the use of unmanned aircraft and sensors for future commercial missions," said Dennis Kuhlman, CEO and dean of K-State Salina. "Students in our unmanned aircraft systems bachelor's degree program play an active role in this research, preparing them for exciting career opportunities after graduation."

K-State's unmanned aircraft systems program office collaborates with military organizations and the private sector to develop unmanned flight in the nation's airspace and training pilots and operators of unmanned aircraft systems.

K-State also establishes criteria for unmanned aircraft system flight operations, including activity at the Smoky Hill Weapons Range and eventually at the Herington unmanned aircraft system flight facility. The university's program office establishes policies and procedures to enable both military and civilian organizations to fly and test at the area facilities.

K-State Salina lands highest level of accreditation

Kansas State University Salina's professional pilot program is in elite company with renewed program accreditation from Aviation Accreditation Board International.

The accreditation is good for another five years.

"The accreditation means we are among a relatively few collegiate aviation programs in the world that have been evaluated according to very stringent criteria and found to be worthy of the AABI seal of approval," said Kurt Barnhart, aviation department head. "Receiving this accreditation means that our students are receiving the highest quality flight education possible."

"Being AABI accredited reinforces the fact that we have a top five aviation program," said Dennis Kuhlman, CEO and dean of K-State Salina. "Because we are continually working to exceed accreditation standards, our program is continually one of the best in the country."

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KNG 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation deploys

A departure ceremony was held Wednesday, Aug. 24, for members of the 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation Regiment, Kansas National Guard, as they deploy for duty with Operation New Dawn in Iraq.

While gearing up for deployment, the soldiers of the Army National Guard's Aviation Support Facility in Salina added an American flag from the Salina Airport Authority to their packs. The flag will fly in the front window of a UH-60 Blackhawk during the 1- 108 Aviation's upcoming deployment and be returned the Airport Authority with a certificate verifying the flag had been flown during deployment operations.

Approximately 250 soldiers departed from Kansas for Fort Hood, Texas, for additional training. The unit is expected to be in Iraq for approximately one year and will be involved in transporting troops, supplies and equipment on its UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

"This Army Aviation unit is absolutely the best and we're honored to provide the ongoing support needed to Operation New Dawn as the drawdown continues," said Maj. Gen. (KS) Lee Tafanelli, the adjutant general.

"The men and women of the regiment have trained long and hard this past year preparing for this mission," said Lt. Col. David Leger, battalion commander. "Every single one of them volunteered to leave their families and the comfort of their homes as they answered their nation's call. They are the finest examples of what our country has to offer. It is an honor and a privilege to lead them on this important and difficult assignment."

The 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation, is headquartered in Topeka with companies in Topeka and Salina, Austin, Texas, and Hawaii.

K-State aviation professor earns MCFI accreditation sixth time

Aviation expert Bernard "Barney" King, professor of aeronautics at Kansas State University Salina, has been in the business for more than three decades. His passion for flying is rooted in his military background.

Bernard "Barney" King, associate professor of aviation at Kansas State University Salina, recently renewed his Master Certified Flight Instructor accreditation for the sixth time. One of only 26 worldwide to earn the credential six times, he first earned this national professional accreditation in 2001 and has held it continuously since then.

King is the program lead for Kansas State University Salina's professional pilot program. A retired US Army aviator, he also served as the Civil Air Patrol's Kansas Wing commander and is currently the Wing's finance officer. He is a Society of Aviation Flight Educators member.

K-State has nine faculty members who hold the "Master" title. Holding the Master Certified Flight Instructor with King are Kurt Barnhart, professor and head of the department of aviation; William "Bill" Gross, chief pilot and professor of aviation; Thomas Karcz, associate professor of aviation; Troy Brockway, associate professor of aviation; Eric Shappee, associate professor of aviation; Lowell Hinchee, instructor of aviation; and Andrew Smith, assistant professor of aviation and the aviation maintenance training program lead. Raylene Alexander, assistant professor of avionics, is a Master Certified Instructor.

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KSU Salina CEO to retire June 2012

Dennis Kuhlman began his appointment as CEO and dean of Kansas State University Salina in 1997. Since then, he has strengthened the connections between the Salina and Manhattan campuses. He also has positioned the Salina campus as an aviation industry leader.

Dennis Kuhlman, the CEO of Kansas State University Salina, announced that he plans to retire June 30, 2012.

Kuhlman said his focus this academic year would be creating and supporting change leading to growth at K-State Salina. The university added its second campus in 1991 by converting the Kansas College of Technology to K-State Salina.

"K-State Salina has made much progress in its transition from a technical college to becoming a part of a major land-grant institution," Kuhlman said. "It has been a delight to participate in and observe the change in the campus atmosphere as we grew from a technical college to a university campus."

K-State Provost April Mason said the search for the next CEO would coincide with Kuhlman's last academic year with the hope that his successor will be named by next summer.

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SeaPort rewards guests with double points

MidSouth Map"Our customers are the foundation of the SeaPort operation" said Rob McKinney, President, SeaPort Airlines. "We'd like to reward them for their continuous support, and this seemed like a great opportunity to do so."

The offer is good for select locations, including El Dorado, Harrison, Hot Springs and Jonesboro in Arkansas; Salina, Kansas; and Boise and Idaho Falls in Idaho.

The FlyerFlex Customer Rewards Program was implemented by SeaPort earlier this year. "You can more expect new and exciting additions to the program next year," said McKinney.

More Information

Salina MAC is 'Joining Forces'


One percent of Americans may be fighting our wars, but we need 100 percent of Americans to be supporting our troops and their families. Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden are asking Americans to get involved any way they can.

The MAC has pledged 100 service hours to Operation Honor Cards in honor of the military, their families and Veterans. We are encouraging the community to also participate by sending a message of thanks, sharing your story of support, pledging service hours, or starting your own volunteer project.

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Newton's Law states that what goes up, must come down. Our Company Commander's Law states that what goes up and comes down had damn well better be able to go back up again.

- sign in the Operations Office of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company, Tay Ninh, Viet Nam, 1971.

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