UK Aviation adventurer to leave Japan soon for Russian Far East and US on his global record breaking flight

UK aviation adventurer and entrepreneur is the first (ever) to fly the length of Japan on his global record breaking flight. Norman Surplus has resumed his attempt to be the first person fly a gyrocopter around the world. Norman arrived at Shonai Airport Yamagata Prefecture and is expected to fly from there to Vladivostok Russia soon. After Russia his next stops will be Alaska, Canada and the continental US. This is subject to weather conditions and flight permissions ongoing.

With the pilot open to the elements, this endeavor combines danger, adventure and a compelling story about the pilot – entrepreneur and cancer survivor. Norman is working with cancer charities during his flight raising awareness and money.
Norman Surplus is resuming the “second half” of his attempt to be the first person to fly a gyrocopter around the world whilst raising awareness and funds for cancer charities after his own experience. On leaving Japan Norman, 48 year old father of two from N. Ireland, heads for the Far East and will expect to take up to 11 days to fly across. After that, he will attempt the flight over the chilly, pack ice strewn, Bering Straits to Alaska and then follow the Alaskan highway down through Yukon and the North west territories in to the USA.

The “first half” of the gyrocopters flight has seen it fly almost 18,000 km across mountains, desert, forest fires, sandstorms and open sea. Norman has also flown into the record books during 2010 achieving the longest distance ever flown across the globe by a gyrocopter. Norman is the co-founder of green energy company B9. His flight was interrupted in the Philippines last year because of the threat of dangerous weather patterns.

He intends to fly approximately 520 miles from in Japan to Vladivostok crossing the treacherous waters of the Sea of Japan He will be in his red flying suit and bright yellow gyrocopter and will be available for interviews. Norman has already been featured on
Al Jazeera Asia Pacific and many other media in the last year.

Autogyro goes global

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