Embraer Defense and Security formalizes the creation of a new company, Harpia Sistemas S.A., to develop national unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

São José dos Campos, September 8, 2011 – Embraer Defense and Security and AEL Sistemas, a subsidiary of Israel’s Elbit Systems Ltd., formalized a partnership to create a new company, Harpia Sistemas S.A., to focus on the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market. Embraer Defense and Security holds 51% of Harpia’s capital, and AEL the remaining 49%.

From its headquarters in the Federal District of Brasília, Harpia’s activities will involve marketing, development, systems integration, manufacture, sales, and UAS after-sale support, as well as simulators and the modernization of avionics systems. The company will provide broader solutions for complex systems, increasing the market-share of Brazilian made products in the national defense and security market.

“Included among the guidelines of Brazil’s National Defense Strategy (END) are the pursuit of partnerships for technological development and capacity and the manufacture of national defense products,” said Luiz Carlos Aguiar, President of Embraer Defense and Security. “The creation of Harpia is in perfect alignment with Brazil’s National Defense Strategy, and it will be an important instrument for meeting the needs of the armed and security forces. Furthermore, the potential for dual application of UAS and the technology generated through it must also be highlighted.”

Embraer executive Rodrigo Fanton, previously dedicated to the procurement area, has been named Harpia’s CEO. As a part of this partnership, and for the purpose of participating in the process of transferring technology to Brazil, Embraer Defense and Security will acquire 25% of AEL’s capital.

“We are very excited with Embraer´s decision to invest in AEL and with our establishment of the jointly owned company, which attests to the high level of satisfaction and mutual trust that our companies have nurtured throughout many years of collaboration,” said Shlomo Erez, President of AEL Sistemas.

AEL was one of the first companies to provide systems for Tucano basic training turboprop and the subsonic AMX: aircraft manufactured by Embraer in the 1980s and 1990s. Currently, the company supplies the avionics for the Super Tucano light attack and advanced training turboprop, as well as the F-5M fighter jets, modernized by Embraer for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

About AEL Sistemas

AEL Sistemas (www.ael.com.br) is a Brazilian company based in Porto Alegre. For more than two decades, it has been dedicated to design, develop, manufacture, maintain, and provide logistical support for military and civilian electronics products, to be used in manned and unmanned air, land and sea vehicles. In 2001, it became a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., the largest private manufacturer of defense products in Israel.


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