An expanding twin-aisle aircraft market – an alternative solution that reduces economic costs?

In the last several years the market of short- and medium- haul aircraft has become the fastest growing aviation sector making single-aisle aircraft exceptionally sought-after. Such airliners are expected to amount to 70 % of the entire commercial aircraft fleet. According to AviaAM Leasing experts, another marketable aircraft type to watch out for in the upcoming several decades will be twin-aisle airships. It is expected that the fleet of aircraft accommodating 200-500 passengers will increase by 7000 new pieces, i.e. will constitute a fifth of the entire commercial aircraft market.

‘In the times of economic distress the aviation market was faced with a number of challenges. As a result, low-cost carriers had to look for alternatives in order to be able to increase capabilities and expand flight geography at minimum costs. Naturally, such airlines had to once again re-examine flight effectiveness. In the meantime, Boeing and Airbus introduced twin-aisle B787 and A380. The moment was spot-on. Not only does such aircraft reduce fuel consumption by an impressive 20%, but also have a flexible cabin configuration system making them exceptionally attractive to airlines.’, - explains CEO of AviaAM Leasing Justas Baltaduonis.

The process of replacing old and less effective aircraft is anticipated to constitute approx. 40% of the entire aircraft market. 13000 of airships are to be replaced in the next twenty years. ‘Decisions to renew fleets are highly determined by such factors as rising fuel prices and increasing costs of running old, less powerful and effective aircraft.’, - commented J.Baltaduonis.

In AviaAM Leasing experts’ opinion, in the process of renewing fleets airlines will definitely consider passengers’ requests and look for optimum solutions ensuring maximum comfort on long flights. Consequently, the Asian-Pacific region carriers are expected to order almost a half of all twin-aisle aircraft. Due to declining bureaucracy and long distances the demand of wide-body aircraft in the region will grow from 1050 to 3280. ‘A similar situation is evolving in Latin America too. A much bigger growth is expected in the single-aisle aircraft market; on the other hand, most of them will be intended for operating flights within the continent. The remaining 300 aircraft are expected to be ordered by the companies from the remaining parts of the world.’, - said J.Baltaduonis.

According to J.Baltaduonis, an increasing interest in modern airships is not entirely determined by financial reasons, such as fuel costs and increased expenses of running outdated aircraft. There is no secret that airlines are increasingly concerned with environmental footprint. Modern aircraft contribute towards lowering carbon emissions and thus help combat global warming. ‘In this regard Europe has much to be proud of as it pays the most attention to the matter. In the next 20 years time the European fleet will consist of more than 94% of modern aircraft, 1500 of which will be twin-aisle pieces.’, - stated J.Baltaduonis.

About AviaAM Leasing:

AviaAM Leasing, an integrated aviation company engaged in aircraft leasing and management, is one of the fastest growing aircraft leasing entities in the region. As a full-service lessor AviaAM Leasing also offers a wide range of additional services including fleet planning, revenue and route analysis, deal structuring, technical support and more. Established in 2007, AviaAM Leasing is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, with its representative offices in Russia, Poland, Estonia and Italy. For more about AviaAM Leasing, please visit us at www.aviaam.com.

Source: AviaAM Leasing

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