NASA Names CASIS To Manage Space Station National Lab Research

WASHINGTON -- NASA has finalized a cooperative agreement with the
Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) to manage the
portion of the International Space Station that operates as a U.S. national laboratory.

CASIS will be located in the Space Life Sciences Laboratory at NASA's
Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The independent, nonprofit research
management organization will help ensure the station's unique
capabilities are available to the broadest possible cross-section of
U.S. scientific, technological and industrial communities.

"The station is the centerpiece of our human spaceflight activities
for the coming years," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said. "This
cooperative agreement allows us to expand the station's use and
achieve its fullest potential so we can reach destinations farther in
the solar system and improve life on Earth. CASIS will help NASA make
the station available to a diverse national market that will use this
unprecedented resource in innovative ways."

CASIS will develop and manage a varied research and development
portfolio based on U.S. national needs for basic and applied
research; establish a marketplace to facilitate matching research
pathways with qualified funding sources; and stimulate interest in
using the national lab for research and technology demonstrations and
as a platform for science, technology, engineering and mathematics
education. The goal is to support, promote and accelerate innovations
and new discoveries in science, engineering and technology that will
improve life on Earth.

NASA issued a cooperative agreement notice on Feb. 14 to seek a
management partner for the portion of the station that was designated
a national laboratory in 2005. The NASA Authorization Act of 2010,
which extended station operations until at least 2020, also directed
the agency to establish this organization. NASA began negotiations
with CASIS on July 13. The cooperative agreement initially will have
a value of up to $15 million per year.

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