Aviation market faces shortage of experienced pilots and turns to young cadets

A daily growth in passenger flows and constantly increasing aircraft fleet spell new challenges to the entire aviation industry. Extra strict flight security regulations mean ascending qualification requirements for pilots which, in its turn, results in shortage of experienced flight captains within the market. However, airlines are reluctant to invest their own resources in young cadets. It begs the question whether in the nearest future we will still be able to feel safely on board.

Nowadays aviation industry counts a little more than 230 thousand pilots. According to Boeing prognosis, in 2011-2030 airlines will require on average 23 thousand pilots every year. In Europe the demand will reach more than 92 thousand, i.e. around 4600 pilots per year.

‘Previously airlines used to finance the subsequent training of young pilots with adequate academic qualifications. However, in the last 4-5 years experts have observed that airlines tend to be increasingly reluctant in investing their own resources into fresh pilot graduates. Such negative tendency might be accelerated by an inability to foresee future economic changes and calculate the time of the investments actually paying off. Moreover, the existing pilot qualification requirements are constantly updated due to the unceasingly increasing number of new flight safety regulations.’, - explains the current situation the CEO of AviationCV.com Skaiste Knyzaite.

1200 pilots are trained in Europe every year. A student who has just graduated from an aviation academy and wishes to gain aircraft pilot experience consisting of at least 500 flying hours and an airfield training session (six take-offs and landings, one of them has to be a full stop) will require about EUR 60 thousand. AviationCV.com experts are certain that lack of finance for increasing qualification is one of the major reasons for postponing the pursuit of pilot carrier for several years or even for good.

Taking into account all increasing requirements and key changes in the aviation industry AviationCV.com has prepared a brand new training program for young pilots. It enables airlines to cut costs in the training process and closely monitor the progress of future pilots.

‘Future pilots need all the support they can get if we want to make sure that we can satisfy the ever increasing market demand. AviationCV.com receives more and more applications from recently graduated young pilots every day. The new young cadet training program enables them to gain the required experience as well as provides an opportunity to retrain for those holding unsalable licenses.’, - says S.Knyzaite.

The biggest advantages of such programs include full package of services combining qualification attainment, flight practice and a job offer. Deferred payment option enables young pilots to concentrate and accelerate their careers while the companies are guaranteed the required supply. AviationCV.com cooperates with airlines offering them pilot lease services which enable the companies to ensure incessant operation in case of fleet change, staff rotation, illness, increase in workload or any other situation requiring extra cabin crew capabilities.

About AviationCV.com:

AviationCV.com, part of aviation business group Avia Solutions Group, is the only pilot leasing company in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. It offers flight crew resourcing and training/retraining as well as short-term and long-term crew lease services to airlines in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. For more information about AviationCV.com please visit www.aviationcv.com.

Source: AviationCV.com

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