Embraer holds first Middle East EOC, in Jordan, by the Dead Sea

October 9-10 encounter focused on E-Jet solutions to improve support and streamline costs .

Amman, Jordan, October 2011 – Embraer has holded its first Middle East Embraer Operators Conference, Dead Sea, Jordan, October 9 and 10. The focus is on customized solutions to improve support and streamline costs for the E-Jets operating in the region. Participants come together in a single forum, where they can share experiences and explore innovative ways of managing maintenance and operating costs.

Participants include customer top management, material suppliers, maintenance and engineering leaders, engineers, and pilots, as well as training, support and services people. Around 40 representatives of the region’s seven customers, 25 Embraer personnel, and 20 representatives of the region’s seven suppliers were in attendance at the event, with a strong Embraer and supplier base.

“We have added new customers in the last few years and many of them operate in parts of the world where Embraer is new to the country,” says Luiz Hamilton Lima, Embraer Vice President, Services and Support – Commercial Aviation. “This Middle Eastern regional meeting allows all our customers to openly share their ideas. It’s a great way for new customers who operate in environmentally hot and harsh conditions to learn from more experienced operators and OEMs.”

The event dedicated to the E-Jets family, which is celebrating ten years of its rollout. The fleet operating in the region has surpassed 50 aircraft in six countries: EgyptAir (Egypt), Gulf Air (Bahrain), Nasair, Saudi Airlines, and Saudi ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia), Oman Air (Oman), Petro Air (Libya), and Royal Jordanian (Jordan).

A specific Embraer Hot & Harsh (H&H) Environment Operational Improvements project was launched for the Middle East region in December 2010, with the objective of optimizing the E-Jets reliability and reducing costs for fleets operating under these conditions. This material will be presented in the opening session and updated for all Middle East customers. In order to achieve this objective, Embraer has addressed several aspects regarding the short-, medium-, and long-term impact of E-Jets operations in these environmental conditions.

Main actions include health monitoring, maintenance plan, and operations. The project is well advanced and progressing according to the original schedule. Improvements that are already available are related to airframe and engine (through service bulletins), aircraft maintenance manuals – AMM (with new tasks), a maintenance plan document (customization for H&H environment operations), and aircraft operations manual – AOM (sandstorm conditions).

Among the product improvements still to come, are further engine improvements for reliability in the Middle East region. Another set of AMM tasks (customized for regional needs) will be released, yet this year, and a new Maintenance Plan Document (MPD) will come out during the customization round.


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