Candy Canes and Airplanes: A very special guest

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Candy Canes and Airplanes:

A very special guest

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Salina, Kan., (November 29, 2011) -The Salina Airport has seen its share of special guests. Everyone from Aerosmith to Sarah Palin has been through "America's Fuel Stop," but this week's special guest has caused more excitement than the usual rock stars, assorted actors and famed politicians.

Ol' Saint Nick's "Santa1" appeared on the radar Monday morning with great excitement.

"Mr. Kris Kringle will be on the airfield for the next few weeks," explained Salina Airport Authority Public Affairs Manager Melissa McCoy. "He has a lot on his agenda. We'll be doing everything we can to facilitate this trip."

Father Christmas is using Salina as a forward operating location to put the finishing touches on his Naughty and Nice List as well as prepare for the big day.

Santa will be doing Naughty and Nice recon for the rest of the week until Candy Canes and Airplanes, Saturday Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. at Hangar 600 (2720 Arnold).

The Jolly Old Elf's first order of business was to visit K-State to brush up on the latest in aviation technology.

"Santa has been flying for hundreds of years, he knows the ropes," said Tom Karcz, an assistant professor at K-State Salina. "You don't get to do something that long without staying on top of you education. We are honored to be the school he chose to help him with that."

Although it generally takes weeks for pilots to ensure they are up to date and compliant with FAA standards, Old Saint Nicholas, famous for his speed, finishes in just a few hours. After working out at the Student Life Center and studying hard to finish his classes in warp speed, Santa worked up an appetite and head to Flower Aviation for some of their famous cookies.

"I sat by the fire with him for about an hour. He ate all of my cookies, but I think I talked myself off the Naughty List," said Flower Aviation General Manager Doug Livergood hopefully. "I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed until Christmas."

Kringle also spoke with CAV Aerospace President Kevin Hawley about retrofitting his sleigh with TKS ice protection.

"Although, Mr. Kringle has been flying his reindeer-powered sleigh for centuries through the worst ice and snow imaginable with no official record of a crash, the concern is still there," said Hawley. "We will meet to negotiate development of ice protection for his sleigh."

Hawley would not comment on the nature of the negotiations but hinted that they may include a pony and a little red wagon.

Kringle then made a stop at the Smoky Hill Air National Guard Weapons Range to thank the soldiers and airmen for all they do for the country.

"We were hoping to get some insight from Santa on his yearly stealth operations," said Chief Master Sgt. James Weldy. "But before we could get any answers he lay his finger aside of his nose and up through the chimney he rose. We can't follow an act like that."

The local military weren't the only ones on Santa's Nice List. With units from all over the nation in Salina training to drop some packages of a different type, Santa was pleased to ensure they too would be getting presents this year. After all Santa Claus can't make it safely all over the country without a little help.

Santa ended his flightline visit with a relaxing afternoon of stringing... but mostly eating popcorn at America Jet.

"He sure loves our popcorn," said America Jet Manager Greg Lust. "He made a 12,300-foot popcorn garland! He may have eaten most of it, but now I'm thinking of decorating the runway with it. After the 35th batch he promised to put us all on the Nice List so it was worth it."

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