Embraer keeps its eyes on a greener future

Partnership with Boeing and FAPESP sets new frontline .

São Paulo – SP, Brazil, November 2011 – Embraer, Boeing and the São Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP) announced on October 26 plans to collaborate on a long-term aviation biofuel research and development program. The project, a nine- to 12-month study, may lead to the creation of the first biofuel research center in Brazil. It complements several actions carried out by Embraer, in partnership with other companies and stakeholders, to contribute to the aviation industry’s commitment to reduce emissions and its long term sustainability goals.

In August 2011, Embraer and GE held a series of test flights with an EMBRAER 170 jet to benchmark the operational characteristics of the airplane, equipped with CF34-8E engines, when powered by HEFA (Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids) fuel, under a broad range of unique flight conditions. The test flights confirmed that technical plans and procedures are robust, enabling value-added data for testing of additional fuel production pathways and feedstocks.

In July 2011, Embraer partnered with Boeing and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to jointly fund a sustainability analysis of producing a direct sugar-to-hydrocarbon renewable jet fuels under development by Amyris, Inc., from Brazilian sugarcane. The study led by ICONE, a research think-tank in Brazil, and independently reviewed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), evaluates environmental and market conditions associated with the use of this fuel, and is scheduled for completion in early 2012.

In May 2010, as part of the effort to promote public and private initiatives that seek to develop and certify sustainable biofuels for aviation, Embraer mobilized several national stakeholders, such as airlines, biotechnology companies and biomass producers, in the creation of the Brazilian Alliance for Aviation Biofuels (ABRABA).

And in November 2009, Embraer, GE, Amyris and Azul signed a Memorandum of Understanding to evaluate the technical and sustainability aspects of the direct sugar-to-hydrocarbon renewable jet fuels under develop by Amyris. First flight test using this fuel on an Azul E-Jet using GE engines is expected for the second quarter of 2012.


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