New radar feed at SLN

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New radar feed at SLN

Kristen Lingg

Salina Airport Authority Intern

Salina, Kan., (November 16, 2011) - A six year effort on the part of Salina Airport Authority, Fort Riley, and the Federal Aviation Administration successfully resulted in a new radar feed to Salina Airport's FAA Contract Tower at the beginning of this month.

Salina Airport Authority partnered with Fort Riley in 2005 to secure federal funding for the North Central Kansas Radar Project. The result was funding for a new ASR-11 radar. This radar facility has now been constructed on Fort Riley streaming data to Marshall GCA, Salina tower and the Kansas City traffic control center.

"The data streaming to Salina air traffic control eliminates the radar gap they'd been dealing with north of the airport and at low altitudes in Salina's airspace," says Tim Rogers, A.A.E., executive director of Salina Airport Authority. "The new radar feed allows Salina ATC to more easily sequence in traffic for landing and provide better separation for military and civilian traffic in the area."

Salina ATC also receives data from the radar facility located south of the Hutchinson Airport. This feed provides valuable traffic information south of Salina's airspace but its range does not include lower altitudes farther north of the airfield. Prior to the new Fort Riley radar feed, aircraft needed to be at an altitude of roughly 4,000 feet before they could be seen. Controllers are now provided a better overall radar picture from the time initial contact is made until the aircraft is approximately 400-600 feet above the ground for landing.

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The Salina Airport Authority is a body corporate and politic. The Authority was created by the City of Salina in April 1965 pursuant to the authority granted by the City by the surplus property and public airport authority act of the State of Kansas. The Authority is managed and controlled by a five-member Board of Directors appointed by the Salina City Commission.

The Salina Airport Authority is home to the Salina Municipal Airport, the Salina Aviation Service Center and the Salina Airport Industrial Center. The board of directors and staff are proactive in providing the citizens ofSalina, Saline County and North Central Kansas with a center that support business and industry, which, in turn, provides jobs and payroll that benefit the region.

The Salina Municipal Airport is the only commercial service airport serving Salina/Saline County and the 22-county area, which comprises North Central Kansas. The airport also services the corporate, business, private aviation and flight training needs of industry, business and individuals in the area.

Source: Salina Municipal Airport

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