Commsoft's OASES User Group Workshop drives new developments; launches new IMP fleetwide graphical planning tool

Tuesday 6th December 2011 -

Nearly 40 delegates from 20 customers in 9 countries attended the OASES User Group Workshop (UGW2011), hosted by Commsoft, producer of the market-leading OASES aircraft maintenance management software.

In the course of a highly productive day, Commsoft listened keenly to feedback from customers, discussed user issues, and briefed delegates on new functionalities and technologies.

Commsoft demonstrated its latest key development, a fleetwide graphical Integrated Maintenance Planning (IMP) tool, which will be progressively deployed in 2012 to further enhance comprehensive planning capabilities.

Users received “hands-on” briefings to help them individually maximise the benefits from new product upgrades including the latest Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP) revision management and AD/SB functionality among others. Four interactive work groups with specific detailed subjects were held, allowing OASES users to share their expert user expertise with Commsoft, thus driving the future OASES development programme.

Commsoft also introduced the AirVault document management and archiving system produced by its partner Critical Technologies which has already been successfully integrated by two customers and is in extensive use by major airlines.

And the company formally launched a Users Web Forum designed to capture, share and compare diverse customer requirements for planned new OASES functionalities.

Newly-appointed Commsoft Managing Director Nick Godwin, said:

“I’m delighted with the high quality of discussion at what was a focused and high-value event. Commsoft has invested heavily in developing OASES to meet the particular needs of a broadening range of customers. Our team is absolutely committed to listening to our customers and continually improving OASES to meet their needs.

“The User Group Workshop has proved highly valuable in driving and prioritising our OASES development programme, while helping our customers to understand how they can extract maximum value from the product enhancements that we have made. UGW2011 was key in allowing our customers to strongly express views while our web forum will further develop focused, interactive communication allowing Commsoft to improve more quickly.”

The event was held at the Sheraton Skyline, London Heathrow, on 30th November.

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