Ink Pax Verification simplifies document checks

Alicante, Spain - December 2011 - Airlines are

responsible for verifying that passengers have the correct
documentation before they travel. Failure to do so could result
in formidable fines for each violation, easily wiping out the airline's
profit from the entire flight.

Around the world, many of these checks are still done by cross-
referencing the go-to book for this information - IATA Timatic.
This is time consuming, especially for multiple passengers, as
check-in agents must search pages and then decipher the rules
versus the documents in hand. And this discounts the possible
drama of locating the book in the first place.

Electronic methods of using IATA Timatic often rely on private
networks and are integrated into larger products. The TimaticWeb
portal does not utilise the dedicated airport equipment available at
check-in time. It is often unavailable where it is needed because Web
access is frequently prohibited at check-in desks and boarding gates.

Ink Pax Verification, part of Ink Border Control, has been developed
to greatly simplify this function. This product handles both arriving
and departing passengers. Adding Ink Pax Verification to your check- in
and border control processes verifies appropriate travel documentation
in seconds using an authoritative data source.

Ink Pax Verification is available as a standalone product or comes
integrated within Ink DCS. This solution can run alongside your existing
departure control system or your manually operated flights. But when
integrated with Ink DCS, passenger details are transparently extracted
from the passenger record without further entry steps.

All Ink products are available securely over the Web and over private
airport networks on Common Use workstations and back office PCs.
Agents on any desk at the airport, such as at check-in, sales desk or
boarding gate can access Ink Pax Verification.

Ink goes even further by running the system on tablets such as iPads
and empowering agents to swipe passports and ID cards on Google
Android Tablets. Document checks can now be done anywhere on
modern devices that leave laptop, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC
solutions looking their age.

The layout is clear and simple to use and uniquely, travel documents
are scanned, reducing or totally avoiding manual entry. A clear response
and detailed supporting text confirms whether a passenger is allowed
to travel or not.

Ink is also integrating Timatic queries into its Ink Self Service products,
allowing passengers to check their own documentation during the
check-in process.

Shawn Richards, CEO of Ink Aviation added, "In the future we also be
extending support for scanning visas which will help support decisions
dependent on visa validity. Even our basic visa scanning complementing
our full passport scanning goes beyond anything I have seen running in a
mobile Border Control app. And a laptop doesn't count as mobile in my

IATA was pleasantly surprised by Ink's rapid integration, which was
approved for operation within two weeks of the Technical Specifications
first being supplied.

Ink Aviation is an independent provider of Next Generation Passenger
Services Systems and hardware. They work with international and regional
airlines and airports to increase capacity and streamline service delivery with
cutting edge self-service, mobile and agent-based systems.

Ink is based in Alicante, Spain. Their highly skilled team delivers innovative
systems that are real, practical and ahead of the industry curve in affordability,
flexibility and capability.

For more information, visit inkaviation.com or follow them on twitter.com/inkaviation

Source: Ink Aviation

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