Santa Spotted at 30,000 Feet

Having whisked Santa around the globe since time immemorial, could Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer and friends be due a well-earned rest? What if the red-coated, white-bearded, gift bearer were to join the jet age? Mediastation, one of the UK's top digital media production companies, imagined it ... and created it. Take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cQZKC8-TtU.

The film was created using Digital Aerospace - a bespoke, interactive, aircraft visualisation and animation service developed by Mediastation for airlines to use in their marketing and communications output. Employing exclusively computer-generated imagery, it enables the external and internal visualisation of any aircraft in any livery operating in any environment. Indeed, the footage can also be created in stereoscopic 3D animation (just like 3D films at the cinema) which would be impossible to capture in reality.

In short, Mediastation’s Digital Aerospace offers a significantly more economical way to capture air-to-air filming and aerial photography and allows complete creative flexibility across the full range of digital communication channels. In fact, the company has already achieved this in 2011 working with both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Mediastation Head of Sales & Marketing, Nick Bennett, said:

At one level making the film was just a way of having some fun with a creative concept. But it does also definitely showcase the versatility of our Digital Aerospace service and helps explain why we’re so excited about what we might achieve in the future.

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