Top 10 presents to surprise a pilot

How can you surprise a man who has seen a half of the world? .

Pilot is not an ordinary man – he is surrounded by highest quality stuff, services and lifestyle .

Asking pilots one after another the same answer was received “I have everything”.

When manly pride has subsided it was found out that even pilots have little manias that they can not resist.

We have chosen 10 best presents for pilots which will be perfect for the upcoming holidays.

  1. Garmin auto navigator is dedicated for pilots who want to be as secure and self-confident in the streets of the city as they feel in the sky.

Source: Gpsreview.net

  1. Want to be cool – be a pilot! Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses have become a “must” thing to own. Its name speaks for itself!

Source: Emperore.files.wordpress.com

3. We can not imagine a pilot without this leather bomber jacket. In the street you can immediately tell who is in the aviation sphere!

Source: Schottnyc.com

4. Commercial pilots love things related to aviation even in their wardrobe. For example, these silver plane cufflinks. If you think it is overrated, imagine the relations between woman and shoes.

Source: Cufflinks123.com

5. Pilot spends half of his life travelling. The quality suitcase is like a best friend to a pilot – it will lead to the Australia, Middle East or Europe through snow, rain and heat.

Source: Samsonite.co.uk

6. Punctuality is one of the priority quality’s in aviation. When is the flight? When we have to land? All the answers can be founded in the wristwatch, way too complicated for a normal human being.

Source: Watchalyzer.com

7. We know a little secret that pilots have a very interesting hobby – film each other and the sky during the flight. New technologies this is what they need!

Source: upscaleswagger.com

8. What is more relaxing than coming back to your country, sitting in the cosy home with a glass of the finest Scottish whiskey.

Source: Shop.glengoyne.com

9. Tie is an inherent daily pilot suit detail. Give one – make every time getting ready for the flight think of you.

Source: Pilottie.com

  1. They say pilots do not take special joy walking, pilots like flying so if you really want to melt ones heart…

Source: Silverline.nl

Of course, there is a cheaper choice… Pilots are man with big responsibilities but inside some of them are still little children who enjoy free minutes playing with a toy-plane!

Source: Ebay.co.uk

Source: Baltic Aviation Academy

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