SITEK Group of companies Gave a Sales Forecast for Manufacturing IT for 2012 in Russia and CIS

SITEK Group of companies and its MES Independent Business Unit gave a sales forecast for Manufacturing IT for 2012 in Russia and CIS countries and summed up the results of 2011 .

The total volume of business of MES Independent Business Unit (IBU) in 2011 appeared to be twice (50%) more than in 2010. MES IBU expanded coverage of its major customers in Russia in comparison with 2010. The number of simultaneously proceeding presales and ongoing projects for the implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems at industrial enterprises in Russia and Belarus also increased. Results of 2011 year showed that corporate customers changed their attitude to business risk factors, top managers developed more competence in industrial automation systems, increased the desire to use innovative software at their enterprises by optimizing costs.

Alexander Kosyanenko, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) IBU in SITEK Group of companies commented:

«The battle for the customer made us to look for new ways to increase competitiveness in 2011. One of such ways was expansion of our product portfolio (automation software), further development of strategic partnerships with vendors of our products: Siemens AG, including Siemens PLM Software, Preactor International Ltd., TDM Systems GmbH. We also became an Independent business unit within group of companies that made us more agile. Now we are actively looking for new personnel and engineers of Manufacturing IT in Russia.

In 2012 we plan to market a new brand. Our sales increased thanks to an excellent team collaboration. We witnessed more geographic expansion of MES implementation projects in Russia and CIS. In 2012-2015 we expect the release of large automation projects at industrial enterprises. According to our forecast market conditions will be favorable for the position of our company on the Manufacturing IT market».

Vera Leonik-Shilyaev, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) IBU in SITEK Group, also shared:

«We estimate the last year as quite successful in terms of our development in Russia and CIS. Despite voiced by the fall of 2011 statement on increasing uncertainty in the global economy in 2012 by the World Bank, when the bank lowered the growth forecast for Russia's economy from 4.4 percent to 4 percent in 2011, and in 2012 decreased to 3.8 per cent, we are confident that the sector of IT technology and Manufacturing IT industry, in particular, in 2012, will not cause concern.

Obviously, there is a positive trend for recovery of interest in automation systems of industrial enterprises, the so-called Manufacturing IT (Manufacturing Execution Systems and the like), as mentioned in the reports of consulting companies, Frost & Sullivan and TechNavio Insights. It obviously encouraged our company, which in 2011 expanded its product portfolio and decided to offer the market of Russia and CIS quality Manufacturing IT.

These are Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by Siemens AG, extended operating system and scheduling software (APS) by Preactor International Ltd., software for modeling of technological processes Tecnomatix by Siemens PLM Software, Tool Data Management systems TDM V4 by TDM Systems GmbH.

We plan to double sales and become a reliable partner for Russian industrial enterprises in 2012. Increasing investment in strategically important regions of Russia and expanding sales we are ready to meet the increased demand in Manufacturing IT».

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) IBU, SITEK Group (Russia, CIS) - is a certified Competence Center of MES and PLM (Tecnomatix™) software in mechanical engineering of Siemens AG and Siemens PLM Software and represents its interests in Russia and CIS countries since 2008. SITEK supports global improvement by delivering control and visibility in manufacturing. The company serves 100+ customers in Russia and CIS delivering hi-tech automation MES, APS, PLM, TDM software.

Its customers include AVTOVAZ, Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod (ZMZ), Belarusian Autoworks (BELAZ), Minsk Tractor Works, Yaroslavl Motor Works, Proton-PM and other. More information is available at: (http://www.sitek-group.com) (Section: Manufacturing IT)


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