Locatory.com: in the nearest future PMA parts will occupy a large market share in the Asian-Pacific region

At the moment two thirds of the entire global MRO market is generated by the North America and Europe. However, in the next several decades they shall yield ground to the Asian-Pacific region which aims at becoming a proper aviation hub. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India and China are the main contributors to the rapidly growing aviation industry in Asia. According to Locatory.com, due to the continuously increasing GDP, passenger flows and fuel prices in the region as well as briskly expanding aircraft fleets, PMA parts, which are prevalent in Europe and the USA, should pretty soon gain popularity in the Asian-Pacific region too.

“It is only natural that as the prices of fuel keep increasing, airlines and MROs look for various ways to reduce costs. Their main objective is to achieve ‘the golden mean’, i.e. acquire an aircraft and receive/provide all technical maintenance services for the maximum optimum price without compromising on quality and safety. As PMA parts are generally 30-40% cheaper than the OEM ones, the former should gain popularity in no time,” says the CCO of Locatory.com Vytautas Vorobjovas.

According to V.Vorobjovas, as a result of greatly expensive engine parts, components account for at least 60% of all engine technical support and maintenance costs, whereas by opting for PMA parts airlines and MROs can save up to USD 400-500 thousand. As aviation businesses are on a constant lookout for new ways to reduce costs, most of them will definitely choose a cheaper alternative thus increasing the popularity of PMA parts even more. The expectations correspond with the GIA forecast that by 2017 the global PMA parts market should reach USD 762.8 million.

“However, the manufacturers of PMA parts, wishing to firmly position themselves in the market, will have to spare no effort to gain clients’ trust regarding the quality of their produced parts. Nowadays, there is indeed a huge variety of manufacturers and differently priced parts that greatly vary in quality. Choosing the right ones can be quite a challenge so now more than ever all market players can benefit from using specialized internet platforms. It concerns not only airlines and MROs, but also suppliers and manufacturers. Such platforms enable their users to instantly find the required part by the preferred supplier who offers the best price/quality ratio. Regardless whether one chooses a PMA or an OEM part, he can be assured to receive the highest quality of components and services,” said V.Vorobjovas.

About Locatory.com:

Locatory.com, part of Avia Solutions Group, provides a platform for the aviation industry to search, buy and sell aviation inventory. The platform serves as a vast repository of aviation inventory, spare parts, components and repair services, which can be easily uploaded for presentation and searched by other platform members. For more information please visit website www.locatory.com.

Source: Locatory.com

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