Singapore Airshow: The Israel Pavilion to Showcase a Wide Range of Cutting-Edge Aviation and Defense Technologies

Israel's technologies are at the forefront of global innovation, combat-proven, and are the outcome of close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces .

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 2012… The Israel National Pavilion at the Singapore Airshow, organized by SIBAT - the Defense Export & Cooperation Division of the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD), will showcase a wide range of technologies developed by nine companies - together representing a complete solution for the aviation and defense industries.

According to the Director of SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (IAF, Res.) Shmaya Avieli, “This is the first time that SIBAT is organizing the Israel Pavilion which assembles a wide range of Israeli technologies in the aviation, space, and defense sectors, that together create a full and complete solution. As part of Israel's Ministry of Defense (MoD), we have in-depth knowledge of the Israeli defense industry. This knowledge together with our close ties with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and an understanding of the relevant technological concepts - enables us to tailor an ideal solution for every customer." He goes on to say "the systems developed by the Israeli industry are field-proven both in fighting terror as well as in conventional battles. The close connection between the IDF and the industry creates a situation whereby the development, and the response to needs, is one of the fastest in the world."

Following are the companies that will present their solutions at the Israel Pavilion:


AEROMAOZ designs and manufactures Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications, specializing in illuminated display panels and control systems for military and commercial air, ground and sea applications. Utilizing the most updated illumination and NVIS technologies -combined with human-machine interface expertise - AEROMAOZ provides integrated panels, annunciators, displays, keyboards, NVIS compatibility & cockpit upgrades, internal and external lighting, and electronic control boxes, as well as joystick and handgrip elements. AEROMAOZ is AS9100 certified and has capabilities from design through production and testing. AEROMAOZ will display a wide range of its solutions at the Singapore Airshow.


Elbit Systems will showcase a wide variety of innovative next-generation systems at the Singapore Airshow.

The following will be highlighted at the Company’s booth:

    • First appearance in Singapore for the company's Hermes® 900 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Equipped with multiple payloads, this UAS is leading its class in multi-mission performance.
    • The C-MUSIC™ DIRCM System will be presented in a real-size model: An impressive 2.7 meter pod for the protection of commercial flight passengers from the threats of shoulder launched missiles.
    • Helicopters and transport aircraft protection: A unified self protection suite comprised of many advanced EW capabilities such as Radar Warning Receivers, Laser Warning Systems, Passive Approach Warning, Self Protection Jammers and more…
    • A comprehensive communication setup in a special demo room will provide a "live demonstration" of: Highly advanced Software-Defined Radios (hand-held and mounted), Personal Network Radios for individual soldiers, Tactical voice over IP radios, Tactical Video Data Links and more…
    • Additional products and systems on display include: Avionics products and systems, the Dominator® Integrated Infantry Combat System and more.


Hydromechanical Engineering Ltd. (HEC) designs and manufactures test equipment for military and aviation applications. HEC's equipment is capable of testing all Hydraulic, Electric, and Electronic Components for all maintenance levels. The company's main products include: Servo-Valves and Servo-Actuator Test Stands, Hydraulic Test Stands, and Electronic Test Stands. Test Stands are available in computerized or non-computerized mode.

HEC also provides a wide range of Ground Support Equipment for operating and maintaining a variety of UAVs and Aircraft and customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Main products include: Run-in Cell and Dynamometer for UAV Propeller Engines, Cable Braking System, Hydraulic Launcher for UAVs, Fuelling Carts up to 1000 liters, Towing Vehicles and a full range of maintenance accessories. With over 15 years of experience, HEC has designed the hydraulic systems of 5 different types of Bridge-layers and the upgrade for two additional types. The company will showcase a variety of its solutions at the Singapore Airshow.


IAI, Israel's leading defense & aerospace company, is planning an impressive presence at the upcoming 2012 Singapore Airshow.

IAI will be present itself in three separate locations: the IAI chalet, a large external display, and an indoor display booth.

IAI's leading defense solutions utilize total connectivity to provide integrated system-of-systems capabilities for the most demanding operational needs – to know, to defend and to strike.

The company will showcase its unique capabilities and solutions in each area:

  • Know – total ISR capabilities
  • Defend – multi-level defense capabilities
  • Strike – integrated precision strike capabilities
  • System-of-systems – total connectivity solutions for integrated intelligence, control and training

The IAI display booth will also activate a special wifi network to enable visitors to experience IAI's connectivity message using their personal smartphones.


Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) is a defense Weapon System house, specializing in the development and manufacture of offensive and defensive solutions for the modern battlefield and Homeland Security.

IMI will showcase various air-to-ground weapon systems, advanced aircrew and aircraft survivability solutions and land applications - developed to meet the challenging demands of the modern battlefield. The company will present air-to-ground weapon systems: the MPR500 Multi-Purpose Rigid Penetration & Surface Attack Bomb and the WHIP SHOT small-size Precision-Strike Weapon. It will also showcase its aircraft survivability capabilities: ATALD (Advanced Tactical Air Launched Decoy & Aerial Target) and combat-proven ADVANCED SPECTRAL FLARES, capable of defeating most modern MANPADS. Also on display are several advanced Active Protection Systems (APS) for ground forces:

IRON FIST - an advanced soft and hard kill APS aimed at enhancing self-defense capabilities of armored platforms, from light to heavy Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), against modern battlefield threats.

BRIGHT ARROW - a combined soft and hard kill APS and Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) for light to medium armored vehicles.

SHOCK ABSORBER - an APS aimed at protecting infantry dismounts and stationary posts from enemy guided missiles and other threats.

Additional solutions on display are two of IMI’s 120mm tank cartridges, developed for - and combat-proven by - the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Merkava Mk3 and Mk4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).

For the modern and future infantry warrior are IMI’s MPRS - Multi-Purpose Rifle System and GMM120 guided mortar bomb.


Kanfit is a build-to-spec aerospace engineering development and production company specializing in integrating composite and metal components, and with expertise in the use of RTM (Resin Transfer Molding). These methodologies enable the cost-effective production of parts of any complexity as a single seamless component, increasing their strength and durability, decreasing their weight and sensitivity to temperature changes, enabling a very small radar footprint, and allowing them to withstand the most extreme weather conditions during flight. Among the projects to be spotlighted are the folding wing of a guided gliding bomb, a UAV engine cover, an RTM antenna, satellite dishes, and chaff & flare magazines.


MTC Industries and Research is a leading supplier of electro-mechanical products and services to Aerospace, Defense, and UAV Industries. The company will introduce its new Redundant Electro-Mechanical Rotary Servo Actuator for UAVs - ERSA - at the Singapore Airshow. ERSA is exceptionally reliable, designed with a built-in fail-safe based on its duplicate flight controls located on its two separate control boards - which allows the UAV to continue flying in case of component failure. In addition to ERSA, the company will also showcase a wide range of additional solutions, including gyroscopes, electric motors, position sensors, solenoid valves, slip rings, canard fin control actuation systems, fuel control manifolds, and gimbal units.


Plasan is an international company engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of state-of-the-art, lightweight, ballistic armor protection products and integrated survivability systems. Plasan provides customized survivability solutions for tactical wheeled vehicles, aircraft, naval platforms, civilian armored vehicles and personal protection for military, police and law enforcement applications.

The company will highlight its solutions for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft at the Singapore Airshow.

Plasan provides ballistic armor solutions to protect all types of tactical transport, assault and cargo helicopters, including the Blackhawk, Chinook, Bell, Puma Super and Mi-17. The complex armor solutions for the Chinook project answer all the needs relevant to the Chinook's deployment on diverse missions and in disparate battle scenarios. The company also offers a number of applications for the Hercules C-130 series aircraft.

Also showcased will be FlexFence, Plasan's recently launched light-vehicle protection against RPGs, which delivers maximum protection at the lightest weight. The system is easily mounted on existing vehicle hulls and easily removed, with no design changes required.


At the forthcoming Singapore Airshow, Rafael will display its “system of systems” concept for dual use (defense and security) of persistent Wide Area Surveillance.

Among the above-mentioned concepts displayed, the below indicated advanced systems will be presented:

Rafael’s world renowned Air and Missile Defense Systems:

    • Iron Dome - Defense system against short range artillery rockets
    • Spyder SR/MR – Short and medium range air defense system
    • Derby – Beyond visual range air-to-air missile and air defense missile
    • Stunner

The Spike Family – Electro-optic, Tactical, Precision, Guided Missile Systems:

    • Spike-LR – Precision Missile System for the Infantry, Special Forces and Light Combat Vehicle
    • Spike-ER – Extended Range tactical missile for helicopters, LCV and naval vessels
    • Spike NLOS – Multi-Purpose, Multi-Platform Electro Optical Missile System

Furthermore, the company will exhibit the Spice 1000 Autonomous Precision Guidance Kits.

Rafael will also display the Imilite System - a multi-source, multi-task imagery intelligence system, which receives, exploits and processes multiple imagery sensors and data in a unified way, and disseminates relevant reports, products and materials over the network to authorized end-users and clients.

For more information on the Israel Pavilion at Singapore Airshow please visit: http://www.sibat.mod.gov.il/SibatMain/Exhibitions/AsianAerospace/

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