Boeing Delivers 300th Boeing Sky Interior

SEATTLE, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing's (NYSE: BA) popular passenger-inspired 737 Boeing Sky Interior marked its 300th milestone with the delivery on April 12th to Indonesian customer, Garuda Indonesia.

"The superior passenger experience of this spectacular new interior has been well received by our customers and the traveling public," said Beverly Wyse, 737 vice president and general manager. "Airlines like Garuda tell us that they draw great value from the many practical improvements we have made in the new design and their passengers are 'wowed' by the enhancements."

Since the first 737 Boeing Sky Interior was delivered in October 2010, 65 airlines and leasing companies have ordered the new interior. The innovative Boeing Sky Interior provides airline customers around the world an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering their passengers a memorable, more comfortable flying experience.

Garuda Indonesia, based in Jakarta, is the national carrier of Indonesia. It operates 75 Boeing 737s and three 747-400s. Today's delivery is Garuda's fourth Next-Generation 737-800 with the new interior.

"What a fantastic opportunity to be part of this phenomenal milestone for the 737 Boeing Sky Interior," said Emirsyah Satar, president and chief executive officer of Garuda Indonesia. "With its continuous innovations and best product offerings, the Next-Generation 737-800 not only benefits Garuda with its unmatched operating costs, but it also offers a welcoming and unique flying experience to our valued customers with its unmatched Boeing Sky Interior."

Drawing from years of research used to design the interior for the 787 Dreamliner, the 737 Boeing Sky Interior features new modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals that draw passengers' eyes to the airplane's windows, giving passengers a greater connection to the flying experience. LED (light emitting diode) lighting enhances the sense of spaciousness and also allows the airline to change the color in the cabin during the flight.

The new design offers larger pivoting overhead stowage bins that add to the openness of the cabin. The bins give more passengers room to store a carry-on roll-aboard near their own seat, adding both extra convenience and extra legroom.

Other features that passengers appreciate are an intuitive placement of switches and call buttons. Boeing redesigned reading-light switches so passengers can find them more easily and avoid accidentally pressing the flight-attendant call button.

Approximately 85 percent of Boeing's backlog of more than 2,600 Next-Generation 737s will be delivered with the Boeing Sky Interior. Customers of the 737 MAX also will benefit from the Boeing Sky Interior.


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