ConnectJets launches Jet Card Europe for the frequent private flyer with dedicated loyalty programme

Business aviation specialist ConnectJets is launching a dedicated loyalty programme for clients who are able to commit to 25 or more flight hours per year .

Known as Jet Card Europe, it will provide guaranteed aircraft availability and pricing throughout Europe for this exclusive group of regular corporate aircraft users.

Jet Card Europe holders will also receive Jet Miles – bringing a traditional benefit of commercial airline travel into the business aviation world.

ConnectJets’ Loyalty Jet Card will allow members to take advantage of their unique privilege programme, offering discounts, upgrades and additional services to some of the most exclusive hotels, restaurants and high end luxury retailers – on presentation of their card. The members will also be invited to key sporting events in the social calendar and have access to their own dedicated account manager.

Members select the desired cabin size and, after making a single upfront payment, are ensured completely transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

Prices of the card start from 4,550€ per hour for the Very Light Jet.

The ConnectJets revolutionary Jet Card brings a fresh approach to loyalty and gives an enhanced service offering to the Jet Card product.

More privileges are continually being added to the Jet Card portfolio of offers – fine outfitters Apsley Tailors of Pall Mall, for example, have just agreed to offer a 12% discount on their bespoke suits which benefit from Apsley’s 120 years of experience.

Luxury villa specialist Royal Villas Europe, official suppliers to the X Factor judges and regulars in Conde Nast Traveller magazine, are making a truly exceptional offer. Owners Janette and Nick Gimbert say:

“We at Royal Villas Europe are very happy to be part of ConnectJets’ brand new Jet Card loyalty programme and are pleased to offer a complimentary private chef for the week as an additional benefit to Jet Card holders looking to book one of our 400 luxury European villas.”

Sean Fitzpatrick legend of international rugby and Captain of the mighty New Zealand Rugby Team, the All Blacks, said:

“Professional sportsmen and women at the highest international levels know only too well the stresses of constant travel. Private aviation is invaluable as a tool to help maximize performance and the Jet Card is a smart way of taking the hassle out of organizing trips. Front Row Hospitality are delighted to be working with ConnectJets by offering their services to their Jet Card client base.”

ConnectJets Managing Director Gabriella Somerville said:

“ConnectJets is committed to extending the enormous benefits of corporate aviation to a wider audience by simplifying the process and adding value to the client experience. Here at ConnectJets we did not want to create another ‘Jet card’ per se – we were keen to create a three dimensional product. With this in mind we developed the Jet loyalty card – allowing us to present the first Jet Miles and Privilege program - with access to a host of offers, discounts, upgrades and sporting events.”

Source: www.connectjets.com

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