Final applicants to join the AviationCV Cadet Program 2012

AviationCV.com has announced, that the period during which all candidates could apply for the 2012 Cadet Program of Type and Line Training for pilots is now over. The program, which was launched just 6 months ago, has attracted an unanticipated number of applicants from the entire Europe thus confirming the utmost importance of such projects for the aviation industry.

The AviationCV Cadet Program contains two modules – Type Rating and Line Training, which are taught both separately and sequentially. The project is aimed at providing a pilot with the essential practical experience and the certification necessary to become the First Officer within an airline-partner of the program. Approx. 50% of all AviationCV Airbus A320 cadets are already operating actual commercial flights, whilst the rest will step into the cockpit of their first Airbus by the end of May 2012. Upon the completion of the Baltic Aviation Academy Type Rating course, the Boeing 737 cadets are also fully set to proceed as full-fledge First Officers.

This year’s final screening stage for the 2012 AviationCV Cadet Program will be held on the 7th and 10th of May in Vilnius, Lithuania, where the candidates will be tested on the ATPL theory knowledge, and will have to pass an interview with the admission board, as well as a practical experience check in a Full-Flight Simulator (FFS).

‘Though this year the program hasn’t finished yet, it is already clear it has been a great success! We have received numerous requests from pilots from the entire Europe. Amongst other factors, the high demand for the program was stipulated by the ‘all-in-one’ package, thanks to which the cadets are provided with a qualification, flight training and, the most desirable, with a job. Moreover, considering the young pilots’ realities, we have endeavoured to make the project as flexible as it can be in order to meet individual cadets’ financial possibilities. Though this year Cadet Program is already full, we are definitely planning to expand it in the future by attracting even more airline-partners and pilots,’ commented the CEO of AviationCV.com Skaiste Knyzaite.

About AviationCV.com:

AviationCV.com, part of aviation business group Avia Solutions Group, is the only pilot leasing company in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. It offers flight crew resourcing and training/retraining as well as short-term and long-term crew lease services to airlines in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. For more information about AviationCV.com please visit www.aviationcv.com.


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