Locatory.com exceeds the point of one billion parts!

Locatory.com is proud to announce of accumulating more than one billion aircraft spare parts and components at its global online repository. Being launched less than 2 years ago, Locatory.com has successfully managed to grow all the way from just a start-up to an internationally recognized platform for the global aviation industry.

With only few partners in the beginning, Locatory.com team demonstrated a stunning commitment and progress during the previous year. By substantially improving the online platform and promoting new e-solutions, the company developed strong cooperation with new partners and clients around the world. Furthermore, with the introduction of the Supplier Management Tool (SMT), Locatory.com provided its clients with a possibility to make substantial cuts in their spare parts procurement expenses, as well as significantly broadened the opportunities for the OEMs and third-party suppliers to extend their clientele in many world regions.

‘The simplicity of our platform, along with its universal accessibility, has enabled us to double our online repository in less than 5 months! Hard work and commitment of the team has also turned Locatory.com into a recognizable and respected brand in the industry. For that reason, we do not only take part in major aviation events as participants, but we are also being invited to share our expertise as market specialists. As we believe that perfection has no limits, we plan on further improving our systems and hope to expand the number of spare parts and components to over 2 billion by the end of this year,’ commented the CEO of Locatory.com Zilvinas Sadauskas.

About Locatory.com:

From the 2010, Locatory.com is known for more than 100 000 aviation professionals and enthusiasts across the world. With breakthrough innovations such as Quality Aircraft Parts Marketplace and Supplier Management Tool, Locatory.com has gained acceleration and recognition in the aircraft parts supply market. Locatory.com and holding company Avia Solutions Group have put a lot of efforts in research and product development to keep with our vision to be the premier aircraft parts supply service provider worldwide. We have over 60 professionals in our team working on product and business development, data mining, worldwide sales and customer support to make our customers happy. For further information please visit www.locatory.com


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