Cessna renames piston singles

By Kate Sarsfield

Cessna has renamed its Cessna 350 and 400 piston singles the 350 Corvalis and 400 Corvalis TT (twin turbocharged) to reflect the nomenclature of its existing light aircraft product line.

The aircraft were acquired by Cessna in 2007 following its acquisition of Columbia Aircraft. "Our customers and sales team asked us to name these products like other popular Cessnas such as the Cardinal and Skyhawk. The name Corvalis, although spelled differently, was inspired from the name of a picturesque Oregon town west of Cessna's Bend, Oregon manufacturing facility," says Cessna.

With a maximum cruise speed of 235kt (430km/h), the Teledyne Continental TSIO-550C-powered 400 Corvalis TT is the fastest fixed-gear single-engined piston aircraft on the market, says the airframer. Equipped with a 310hp (230kW) TCM IO-550N, the 350 Corvalis has a certificated ceiling of 18,000ft (5,490m) and a maximum cruise speed of 190kt.

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